how to install Epson printer universal print driver windows

The Epson printer Universal Print Driver is a multi-language driver for users to work with various Epson’s business inkjet as well as laser devices. We will guide you on how to install Epson printer Universal print driver by encouraging users to call at Epson Printer Helpline Number +855-534-1508. Further, the driver is completely suitable for thin client environments which provides common print necessities and also few limitations on functionality of the product. Follow instructions given below to complete the process.How To Fix Paper Feeding Problems In Epson Printers

Steps to install Epson Printer Universal Print Driver with appropriate guidelines

Step 1: The foremost step is to download the Epson Universal Print Driver by double-clicking on downloaded package.

Step 2: Now, users are advised by Epson Printer Customer Support professionals to follow various on-screen instructions until they see the appropriate screen

Step 3: Select the “Yes” button which will ask users to connect to the Network connection and click the OK. There is point which needs to be taken into consideration for better installation results. Select the “Set Default of Printer Control Language to PCL6” option checkbox if users want to set the default printer language to PCL6 mode. However, leave the option as deselected mode to set the printer language into “ESC/P-R”. The option can be changed later on. After users have finished up with the software, one needs to search for products as appearing on the screen

Step 4: Perform one of the below steps mentioned:

  1. If user are installing single product then, ensure that the “Add Epson Universal Print Driver” optionis selected and continue to the next step
  2. If users have decided to install more than single product then, they need to select the “Add found printers” iconand go to the last step. However, customize as well as filter the product search results by tapping on the “Display Settings’ icon.

Step 5: Open and get access to the “Select a port to connect a printer” icon as well as choose the existing printer port, if needed.

Step 6: Now users need to choose the product which they wish to install from the “Found Printers” list.

Step 7: Click the “OK” icon. However, if one is installing more than single product then, select the products from the ‘Found Printers list” and choose the “Add to Printer Folder” icon.

Step 8: All of the selected products will appear in the lower section of the screen. Users are required to choose the checkbox which is just next to the product they wish to make it in default printer. Tap the “OK” button now.

Connect to Epson Printer Customer Support Number for immediate solutions to issues

Dial our Epson Printer Support technicians for immediate solution to unexpected problems that arise out of compulsion. We are a 24*7 hours tech support provider who assist users in rectifying the issue on immediate request. Feel free to contact us anytime and we are right there for you to provide immediate help anytime.