How To Fix Paper Feeding Problems In Epson Printers?

This aforementioned error can cause due to a wide variety of problems while it may cause serious concerns with the printing documents. Hence, users need to fix paper feeding problem in Epson printers with the help of Epson Printer Support Helpline +855-534-1508 team. To proceed with the causes they are as follows: problems with the paper edges, paper got curled up, interaction with other sheets, dirty roller problems, narrow paper, paper jam issues, wrinkled paper and not able to sense the input of paper documents. Below are few easy steps to get rid of the issue while we will divide these solutions in parts. 

How To Fix Paper Feeding Problems In Epson Printers

Steps to fix paper feeding problems in Epson printers

Solution to problem 1: Paper feeding problems

Remove the paper stack while ensuring that you have below guidelines:

  • The paper is not at all in a curled or creased position
  • Make sure that you are not working with too old papers.
  • The number of sheets in the paper stack should not exceed its maximum size limit specified for that media.
  • The paper should not be loaded above the assigned arrow on the edge guide.
  • Remove the paper jam if any is found.
  • Do ensure that the printer ink cartridges are not empty. If found so, replace it with the new ones.

Solution to problem 2: Multiple pages feed problem

  • To get rid of this issue, ensure that the paper stack fits well right under the arrow mark located on the inside area on the left edge guide.
  • Make sure that the left edge guide is completely cleaned out against the left paper edge.
  • If the paper is in curled position then, flatten it or just curl it slightly toward the opposite side.
  • Remove the paper stack as you did for the above problem and make sure that the paper is not too thin to place. Reload the paper if needed.
  • If there are multiple copies of a document that are in the print queue then, have a check of the copy setting on the printer software’s Paper menu.

Solution to problem 3: The paper jam problem

Shut down the PC device and then press the paper button to eject the jammed paper. If the error does not clear up then, it is suggested by Epson Printer Help professional team to open up the printer cover and then, remove all of the paper that are stuck inside the device including any leftover torn out pieces. Reload the paper in the sheet feeder afterwards and then, press the paper button to resume printing. Ensure below steps:

  • Do ensure that the paper is smoothly placed
  • The paper should be of high quality which is easy to load up with the printable side up.
  • The paper stack should be fanned before loading process is initiated.
  • Now, the document should not be loaded above the arrow mark which is there on the left edge guide.

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