Step-By-Step Guide To Setup WiFi On Epson Artisan 1430

Excellent printing capability is the ultimate thing that you can expect from your Epson Artisan 1430. But before using the printer, you need to set it up properly. The setup procedure is something that you have to perform properly, otherwise, you won’t be able to use your printer for your use. 

If you want to print from your printer by connecting the device through Wi-Fi and don’t know how to set up Wifi on Epson Artisan 1430, then you should not waste much time thinking about it. Setting up your Epson Artisan 1430 is not a big deal.

The setup procedure of Epson printers is pretty adaptable that you can do it easily by yourself.

Complete Steps to Set Up Epson Artisan 1430:

Here we will provide you the complete instructions to set up WiFi on your Epson Artisan 1430. Go through the steps properly to know how to connect Epson Artisan 1430 to Wifi.

Step 1: Unbox your Printer

First, you have to take your printer out from the box and remove all the stickers and labels from it. Then open the printer and remove the tape from inside.

Step 2: Turn your Printer On

Connect the power cord to your printer’s back. Then plug the other end of the power cord to an electrical wall outlet. After that, turn your printer on by pressing the power button of it.

Step 3: Place the Ink Cartridges to their Place Inside the Printer

Now, you have to install the ink cartridges to your Epson Artisan 1430. To do that, you have to open the printer first and open the cover of the ink cartridge then. After that, remove the covers from the ink cartridges. Now, you will find yellow tape on every ink cartridge which is the only thing that you have to remove from all the ink cartridges.

After that, for each color, you have to insert the ink cartridges in the holder. Then you have to click those ink cartridges by pressing each cartridge down. When you are done, close the cover of the cartridge and then close the cover of your printer. You have to start priming the ink by pressing the ink button. This process can take 3 to 4 minutes. 

Moreover, you have to wait until the process is done. You cannot turn off your printer or load paper when this process is going on.

Keep in mind that some ink of the cartridges that came with the printer will work to prime your printer. When you put new cartridges later, those will print more pages than these cartridges.

With this, you have to remember that if you turn your printer off while the priming process is going on, you will waste ink.

Step 4: Load Paper on your Epson Printer

Now, you have to load paper on the printer. You can use different types of papers like plain and photo papers of different sizes in the sheet feeder. You can follow the online User’s Guide to follow the instructions on loading CD/DVD envelopes. 

Here are the steps that you have to follow to load papers on the Epson Artisan 1430.

  • First, you have to open the paper support and have to pull the extensions up.
  • Then pull out the extensions after opening the output tray.
  • After that, you have to slide the edge guide to the left.
  • Now, you have to load the paper. Remember, you have to keep the printable side up which is brighter, whiter and glossy. It will be against the sheet feeder’s right edge and behind the tab. After that, you have to squeeze the left edge guide and smoothly slide it against the paper’s left side.

Remember, you cannot load the paper sideways, you have to load it short edge first.

Install the Printer’s Software

Before going through this procedure, you have to keep in mind that you can download the software of your printer from the official website of Epson if your PC does not have a CD/DVD drive.

With this, remember that you have to close all the other programs that are running on your device. You have to close any screen saver and antivirus software before you start the software installation process. Here are the steps below following which you will install the software of your printer.

  • If the printer is connected to your PC, disconnect it first before starting.

If you see a new window on the screen of your PC saying “Found New Hardware”, then click on the Cancel button. In this way, you will not be able to install the printer’s software.

  • Now, insert the CD/DVD that came with the printer.
  • For Windows OS, after inserting the CD if you find an AutoPlay window on the screen, select Run Setup.exe. You have to select Yes or Continue if a User Account Control screen appears.

For OS X, you have to double-click on the Epson icon.

  • Then you have to select Install for Windows OS and select Continue for OS X. Follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step.
  • After that, you have to select your connection from the Select Your Connection section. Then, for Windows, select the Next option and for OC X, select Continue. Then follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step.

These were the complete instructions about the WiFi setup on the Epson Artisan 1430. Hopefully, you have gathered all the information that you were looking for and able to set up WiFi on your Epson Artisan 1430.