How to Print From an Android Smartphone or Tablet?

Both Android and iDevice offer mobile printing features without the requirements of any kind of third-party printing software or application. Here, we are going to mention the best possible ways to print a file or document from an Android device. 

So, if you are one of those who are wondering how to print from an Android phone, then check out the underlying instructions.

How to Print From Android Phone: Stepwise Instructions

To learn to know all the possible ways to print from an android device, let’s have a look below:

Using Google Cloud

Google offers the “Google Cloud” features for the Android device, tablets and other related devices. This feature will allow users to print the preferred documents or files from Android devices. 

In order to use this feature follow the below-cited instructions carefully:

Step 1: Add a Printer to the Google Cloud Print

  • Initially, make an attempt to initiate Google Chrome on your device. Then, hit the “Menu” icon that is located at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on the gear-shaped icon to invoke the “Settings” menu.
  • After accessing the Settings, scroll down and try to invoke the “Show Advanced Settings” menu.
  • Head over to the “Google Cloud Print” and hit the option titled “Manage”.
  • Click on the “Add Printers” section and choose the printer you want to add to the Google Cloud Print.

Once you are done with all the above-mentioned instructions, confirm your action by tapping on the “Yes” button twice.

Step 2: Add the Google Cloud Print Application to the Android Device

After you add the printer to the Google Cloud Print, now you need to add the Google Cloud Print application to the Android device. 

  • Try to launch the Play Store from the app drawer and tap on the “Search Field”.
  • Afterwards, enter “Cloud Print” inside the search field and hit the “Search” icon.
  • Once the next page comes up on the screen, select the Cloud Print by Google Inc.
  • From the result-oriented window, click on the “Install” button and wait for a while.

Step 3: Print Local Document or File from Android Device

In order to print a local document or file from the Android device, follow these steps.

  • Initiate the document or file you want to print. You can launch the local files from the Gmails, Docs, Photos, File Manager Apps. 
  • On the other hand, you can also invoke the necessary files from the Cloud Service like Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Now, choose the “Menu” button from the top right corner of the screen. Once the new screen appears, hit the “Print” button.
  • Click on the Drop-Down menu that is present on the top of the screen.
  • From the result-oriented window, click on the printer you want to print from and hit the “Print” button.

Step 4: Print a Document from the Internet With Android Device

Follow these instructions to print a file or document from the internet with an Android device.

  • Invoke the default web browser on your device and hit the “Menu” button. 
  • But, if you are using any other web browser apart from the default one, then try to review the entire webpage for locating the menu button.
  • Choose the “Print” button from the appeared menu and hit the “Drop-Down Arrow” that is present near the top of the screen.
  • From the resulting menu, click on the “Printer” you want to print from.
  • Lastly, tap on the “ Print” button and wait unless the printout comes up.

Use Email on Android Platform

In order to print a document or file from Android devices via Email follow these points:

  • Launch the preferred email client on your device and create a new email. Enter the printer’s email address in the “To” field.
  • Now, hit the “Attach” icon that pops up on the display screen. This button might look like a paperclip, depending on the email client.
  • Head over to the document or file you want to print. This might be present in the default file applications on the Android device, Google Photos, Google Drive, or any other third party applications.
  • When required files or documents have been attached, hit the “Send” button

In case, you are unable to execute the above instructions, then follow these guidelines to print document or photo from the Android platform: 

  • Locate the photo or document you want to print. You can do so by going to the “Google Docs, Files, third-party app, Google Drive.
  • Launch the necessary File and hit the “Share” icon which looks like three dots along with two lines attaching them.
  • On the other hand, you might require “Send a Copy” in certain applications, like in Google Docs.
  • Scroll through the preferred email client and hit the icon. Open the “To” field and enter the printer’s email address.
  • Finally, proceed to click on the “Send” button.

Use HP Print Service Plugin

If you are an HP printer user and wondering how to print from Android phone to HP printer, then using the HP print service plugin can be the best bet for you. 

Most of the HP devices offer “ePrint” technology” that enables the users to print files or documents from the Android devices. 

Step 1: Install the HP Print Service Plugin

In order to print any document wirelessly from the Android device, it is necessary that you install the HP Print Service Plugin on your device. 

Before doing so, make sure that the HP printer and the Android device are connected to the same wireless network. Enable the Wi-Fi Direct on both of the devices.

  • Head over to the Google Play Store and proceed to download the “HP Service Plugin”.
  • After downloading, the installation process will start automatically.
  • If you notice that the installation doesn’t begin automatically, then open the “Settings” app and look for the “HP Print Service”.
  • Hit the “OK” button and turn off the Print Service Plugin when prompted.

When you are done with these instructions, the Android device is ready to execute the printing task. 

Step 2: Print with HP Print Service Plugin

By utilizing the ePrint option, you can directly print media files, photos and documents. 

  • Choose the photo or file that you want to print. Hit the “Menu” icon from the appeared menu and tap the option titled “Print”.
  • Once you perform this instruction, you will be able to notice the print preview on the display screen.
  • Launch the drop-down menu by trapping on the “Down Arrow”.
  • Choose the HP printer model number from the available menu and hit the option to print through the WiFi Direct.
  • Finally, tap on the “Print” button and you are done.

How to Print Documents from Android Device to Bluetooth Enabled Printer?

If you have a Bluetooth enabled printer and want to print documents from the Android device, then follow the guidelines underneath:

  • In the first step, view the web page document, or photo you want to print. You are able to print from the Gallery app, Chrome app or from other applications or programs.
  • From the appeared menu, tap on the “Share” icon and hit the “Bluetooth” button. If you don’t find the “Share” icon, then choose the Action Overflow menu.
  • Once the Bluetooth screen comes up, select your Bluetooth enabled printer and confirm that your Android device is about to print a file or document.
  • Thereafter, the file is uploaded and starts to print automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How to Mirror a Phone to Tablet?

Begin Screenshare on both of the devices. Hit the “ScreenShare” icon and choose the “Menu” button. When the ScreenShare service window appears, connect both the devices to a similar wireless network to mirror the phone to a tablet.

  • How to Save a PDF on a Phone?

Launch the webpage if you want to print a PDF. Hit the “Menu” bar and choose the “Print” button. Choose the Printer and save as PDF. Follow the remaining instructions to complete the process.