How to Fix Epson tm u950 Printer Error e9004?

Epson TM-U950 is versatile and reliable impact printer which is designed to handle perfect jobs for receipts, journals, and slips, and it’s used with VeriFone Ruby CPU4/CPU5 Systems. It offers ultra-fast output of up to 88 columns on A4 paper. If you have an Epson TM- U950 printer and you are getting Error e9004 on the screen of your Ruby Verifone system, then don’t worry about it. This Error e9004 generally occur due to mechanical failure. Well, many users are reported to come across the same problem. But, as defined by a team of Epson Pinter Tech Support professionals, the error can be fixed efficiently. Meanwhile, you don’t take tension about it, you can easily fix Epson tm u950 Printer Error e9004, just by following the troubleshooting steps which are given below.

How to Fix Epson tm u950 Printer Error e9004

Steps to Fix Epson tm u950 Printer Error e9004:-

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Step1:- Check Your Epson Printer

Firstly, You should require checking your printer connection as well as cable to the Ruby. The error code E9004 is saying no connection available there. Means your connection on the back of the Ruby terminal may have come loose or is not seated correctly.

Step 2:- Unplug Printer to Troubleshoot Problem

You should try to unplug your Epson Printer and then reconnect it to the system. Making sure you have it installed correctly.

Step 3:- Ruby Settings Correct

You may also not have the printer addressed by the Ruby in that situation, you may have required seeing your Ruby system settings if you are familiar, Keep the proper maintenance procedure on the Ruby. May be it helps to resolve your error code e9004.

Step 4:- Check Your Epson Printer Driver

You can download the Epson printer drivers from their support Website to latest driver update. May be this problem occurs due to the printer error.

You can refer link ””, and select your model printer to download the driver.

If all the above steps, is not working to resolve this error code e9004, then you can contact with experts to fix instantly.

Dial Epson Customer Support Number To Avail the Online Help:-

You can dial Epson Printer Support Number anytime from anywhere to immediately connect with our Epson customer support experts to get the instant solution. We are an independent and top leading tech support service provider for Epson Printer technical difficulties. Our proficient experts are always ready to help 24×7 days. Hence, techies will get the complete steps or effective solutions to any kind of complex Epson problem within a short span of time.