How To Fix Epson XP 200 All Lights Flashing Error code?

These types of error often arises when users have completed one printing job and the print-head is automatically cleaning to “smooth the printing head”, as well as making it to provided sufficient amount of ink to the printer. This is usually seen that if users are printing a lot of documents then, the amount of waste ink under the print-head will be filled over time and as a result it leads to lights flashing problems on continuous mode. So, it is sometimes advised by experts to replace new Waste Ink Tank in order to avoid such problem in future.  Because if it is not done then, the printer will not print anything and there will be lights flashing error.  Well, it is essential to take steps to fix Epson XP 200 all lights flashing error with proper guidelines to avoid future problems. According to the Epson Printer Support Number technical team, the Waste Ink Tank can be too big or even be too small which further decides the number of prints to be performed. Usually, if printed text is covering upto 5% ink, the machine will print documents around 3,000 -> 4,000 pages. So, now let us see the steps to get rid of this critical problem in Epson printers.

 How To Fix Epson XP 200 All Lights Flashing Error code

Steps to fix Epson XP 200 all lights flashing error

Step 1: Replace the Epson XP-200’s Waste Ink Tank first. To do this, perform below instructions

Here, users are advised to first remove and reinsert the Waste Ink Tank carefully. Well, if users are unaware of this procedure then, they can proceed for an Epson Printer Epson Printer Support Phone Number assistance.

Step 2:  Now the second step is to reset the waste ink Epson

To proceed with this step, users first need to download an appropriate tool to overcome the issue faster.

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So, these two steps are essentially involved in solving out the error in Epson printers. Further users can approach for a professional assistance if they are still stuck with the error.

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