How To Fix Epson Printer general error Message?

Epson printers hit the list of every buyer who is in a printer hunt. Despite using advanced technologies, Epson printers are not free from technical glitches. Can’t decipher printer error codes and messages? Don’t know how to fix Epson Printer general error message? Hold your patience and scroll down to know the details about the error codes you are dealing with.

How To Fix Epson Printer general error Message

Are you struggling with Epson Printer general error message? Stick to this page for assistance. We have enlisted the error codes and have elaborately decoded them.

Printer Error messages show that hardware, microcode, or host interface problem has been detected in a printer or the control unit. Error codes and messages also pop up when the ink capacity is low or if the hardware is updated. Printer error-02 is commonly associated with cable or driver problems.

How to fix Epson Printer general error Message.

When your printer has a problem with the toner cartridge chip, error-10 message pops up. This is the electronic information or e-label on the print cartridge. When your printer is out of paper, an error-11 message appears on the screen.

Error-12 occurs when the toner cartridges are not installed correctly. This can also happen if you have a hardware problem. Below are some of the other error codes and messages that users come across:

  • Error-57
  • Error code- 59
  • Error message- 60.xx
  • Error code-62

Tired with printer error-13? This error message signifies paper jamming issues in your printer. Paper jams can occur at four stages: pickup, printing, fusing and exit. Modern Epson printers will indicate where the jam has occurred. If using thick paper, check the Epson paper guide for your printer. We understand the importance of printer at homes and offices. Solving error messages can be tricky and it’s better to get relevant technical help to resolve these issues. Our pool of experts are ever ready to fix Epson Printer general error messages.

Fix Epson Printer Clean sensor error Message

Error-16 occurs when your toner cartridge is either low or empty. To resolve this issue try to remove the toner cartridge and shake it to distribute the remaining toner evenly. If the print job exceeds the current memory capacity of the printer, you may encounter error code-20. Code-22 suggests that there is a communication problem between the printer and the computer. Error message-24 indicates that too many print jobs have been sent to the printer or the job is too complicated for the printer memory to process. When your printer hard disk has crashed, you may come across error code-30.1.1.




Code 51 is the beam detect error. This indicates that the bottom of the cartridge that opens the laser shutter is missing or snapped off. In new models, it can be a problem with the whole laser scanner unit. Error-55 occurs when there is a poor connection between the DC controller and the formatter. This can sometimes result to faulty fusers, laser assemblies or due to driver problems. Code-57 occurs due to fan failure or memory card error or due to seized gears.

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