How To Fix Epson printers Error message Service Req E511?

Despite being the best quality hardware, Epson printers users often complain about constant error messages. Want to know the steps to Error message Service Req E511 on Epson printers? We will help you with all the details related to this annoying error code. Epson printers are currently leading the market due to its exclusive features. Epson printers top the preference list of every buyer who is on a printer hunt.

How To Fix Epson printers Error message Service Req E511

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What is Error message Service Req E511 on Epson printers?

The error message “Service Req E511” means that part of the photoconductor unit (PCU) called the transfer belt is not being detected.

Steps to eliminate this error code:

This write-up explains what might cause the issue, and how you can resolve it. Scroll down and note the solutions:

  • Power off the printer, wait 30 seconds, and then power it on again. If the error has cleared, print a document.
  • If the PCU appears to be dirty, we recommend cleaning it
  • Check that the transfer belt is seated correctly
  • The belt should be located centrally on the metal rods beneath it
  • Clean the TR0 sensor in the printer
  • The “Service Req E511” error occurs when the TR0 sensor cannot detect the timing mark. Cleaning the sensor may resolve the issue
  • The TR0 sensor is located inside Cover B on the left-hand side of the metal rail. It comprises sections of black and transparent plastic, it has a screw in a place and has a white connector on the left side

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