How to Fix Canon Printer Orange Light Flashing Error?

Orange Light in every Canon Printer flashes to show a particular printing error. Each Orange Light flashes demonstrate a specific error that hinders its functionality. You can easily fix Canon Printer Orange Light Flashing Error by knowing its significance. It in general works as a warning signal which shows that something is wrong within the printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer Orange Light Flashing Error

Whenever an internal error occurs like paper jam, the Orange Light starts to blink. Sometimes it is accompanied with a Support Code showed on the Display screen. In some cases, the ON lamp and Alarm lamp flashes simultaneously. Depending on the status of the lamps, the troubleshooting process also depends.

Effective Procedures To Fix Canon Printer Light Errors Issue:

Orange Light of Canon Printer flashes several times that depicts a particular error. Depending on the number of times the light is flashing, we can determine the error. Here you can find the most suitable solutions to get rid of such sort of error as early possible. Count the orange flash lights and fix printing errors efficiently. Visit our Canon Printer Help Center to get to the roots of such flash light errors.

If Orange Light Flashes for 2-3 Times:

If Orange Light flashes for 2-3 times, it signifies “Out of Paper” and “Paper Jam” errors respectively. You can fix these errors easily by reloading papers properly in the printer. Now click on Resume or Cancel button on the printer to fix these errors.

If Orange Light Flashes for 4,5 and 7 Times:

When you get Orange Flash error 4 and 7, it in general shows an improper installation of Ink Tank. If the Orange light flashes for 5 times, it means that the Print head is not installed properly. Reinstall the print head and ink tanks in their respective places. And thus click on Resume button to fix these errors.

If Orange Light Flashes for 8, 13,14,15,16 Times:

If the Orange light flashes for above mentioned times, it signifies “Ink tank cannot be recognized” or “Ink level cannot be detected”. You can deal with these errors by replacing the ink tank or install proper ink tank in the printer.

If Orange Light Flashes for 9 and 19 Times:

Orange light flashing 9 and 19 times mean, there is a communication connection between printer and computer. Establish a proper connection by replacing the USB cables or attaching them directly to computer.

Call at Canon Printer Support Phone Number for Further Information:

If you are having any issue understanding Orange Light Flashing Errors, connect with Canon Printer Support Phone Number. Our technical team is available 24*7 to offer comprehensive support to all Canon printer related issues. We are team of expert and well-qualified technicians ready to assist anytime anywhere. Our sole purpose it to build customer interaction to resolve printer issues. We aim to deliver analyzed support for even minor to minor issues. Hence dial the number now and get professional help in minimal time possible.