How to Fix a Brother Pinter That Won’t Print?

Are you a Brother printer user? Is your Brother Printer not printing? Need support to Brother Pinter That Won’t Print You have indeed hit the right link to get help. In this write-up, we have discussed the factors that are responsible for these errors and the solutions have been enlisted as well.

Factors that are responsible for printer errors:

When you print any document, the file is temporarily stored in your computer. Your printer retrieves the job when it’s ready and prints the document. If the Windows print spooler service gets stuck jobs, your printer will not print. Restarting the spooler service usually resolves the problem.Click “start,” type “services” in the box and click “services” when it appears in the results. Right-click on “print spooler” and click “restart.”A device driver is a software that facilitates communication between the operating system and the device.If a printer’s driver is malfunctioning, or if no driver is installed, the printer either will not respond or will give you printouts with gibberish on them. A printer with no installed driver will show up in devices and printers with an exclamation mark next to it. You can obtain printer drivers from the manufacturer’s website.

Brother Pinter That Won't Print

Fix Brother printer error by following the steps:

Our pool of experts have diagnosed the errors and they have come up with the best solutions that will resolve the error quickly so that you can experience smooth printing.

1 – Connection: Check if the printer is connected, via USB or Ethernet cable. If it is a wireless model make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled and you’re connected to the right network.

2 – Consumables: Make sure that the ink and toner cartridges are not empty. You can quickly check that by printing out a report or by using the menu buttons on your printer.

3 – Paused Queue: Printer’s onscreen management software allows you to cancel queued output jobs and put the entire print function on hold. Those interruptions will persist until you cancel them. With your print queue on hold, every project you print lands at the list of pending jobs, none of which will proceed to the printing status. Through printer’s management software, you can check and remove holds that prevent your hardware from responding

4 – Driver Software: Print driver software allows the communication between your printer and computer. If you’ve installed the wrong, or an outdated driver, it will mess up your print command. To check for updates, visit your printer manufacturer’s website and search for the download section of your printer model.

5 – Paper jams: If the papers are misaligned, a paper jamming issue will occur leading to printing errors. Place the stack of paper correctly before inserting it into the tray. Make sure that the guides are compatible with the paper and avoid overfilling the tray.

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