Effective Ways To Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Canon printer is well known around the globe for its high-end devices and quality. Users can find a wide range of useful features in Canon printers. You can even remotely access your printer wirelessly. Still, users have to come across some technical glitches while using a Canon printer. Canon printer error B200 is one such error often caused due to the problems with the printhead, voltage or temperature.

Are you facing the same problem with your Canon printer? Don’t worry. You can solve this issue by using proper methods. Go through this article to know more.

What Causes Canon Printer Error B200?

To convert any document from softcopy to hardcopy we require a printer. But, somehow they show problems while printing, problems like Canon printer error B200 are well documented. Every Canon printer user is quite familiar with this issue. There can be various reasons for this error, but often it occurs due to cartridge related problems.

When you’re using different proportions of ink in your Canon printer, it can also cause such problems with the printer. If you replace the OEM cartridge with cheap replacements, it will surely affect the printing quality and users face printing issues.

Canon Printer Error Code B200- Effective Solutions

Although Canon printers are very much preferred, specific technical issues can affect it at times. To solve problems such as Canon printer error B200 you need to know the proper solutions. Here are some of the best troubleshooting techniques to get rid of the error B200 properly:

For 4+ Cartridge Printers:

  • Open the printer cover and remove all the cartridges from the cradle. As the cradle lifts up automatically while removing the cover, you can easily take out the cartridges.
  • Now, lift the lever beside the cartridge cradle to remove the printhead inside your printer. When the lever is lifted, dislodge the printhead very carefully from the printer.
  • Then, again insert the printheads back to its right position inside the printer. After inserting don’t forget to lock the lever.
  • Similarly, reinsert all the cartridges into the printer according to their correct positions and close the door. When all this is complete, it means your printer is ready to work correctly with access to the cartridges and printhead.
  • Next, disconnect the power cord from the printer and wait for at least 5 minutes. It helps the printer to cool down and also eliminate the residual charge.
  • Plug-in the power cable back to the printer and check if it is working properly.

For Canon 2 Cartridge Printers:

First, turn off the printer. When the error generates in your printer, it prevents the cartridge cradle to move inside the printer. You can solve this error by resetting the printer.

Power on your printer to remove the problematic cartridge. You need to replace the faulty cartridge with a new one. As printhead is one of the most important components of the printer. You can’t fix the error B200 without replacing the cartridge.

After installing the new cartridge, check the nozzle and cleaning cycle. This is an important step that you should not skip to determine if the correct cartridge is replaced. If the problem remains, then try a different cartridge.

Canon printers work with two cartridges, it is possible for either of the two cartridges to malfunction. Replace and check both cartridges one by one.

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