How To Fix HP Printer Error Code 0xf0af8004?

There are both monochrome and color printers and also singular and multiple all – in – one functional printer. You are able to get gorgeous photos and clear laser printed documents by using HP printers with the help of very simple steps at an affordable cost. You can connect the printers with both your PC/laptop, as well as your smartphones/tablets. But, with regular usage, there might be some difficulties like the HP Printer Error Code 0XD0620230. Call us on our helpline numbers, to get the best assistance to resolve printer errors.

How To Fix HP Printer Error code 0xf0af8004

Solve HP printer error code 0xf0af8004: Effective ways to fix printer error codes and messages

HP or Hewlett Packard Company was founded in the USA, in 1939. It is now one of the largest multinational Information Technology based company in the world which engages in producing various hardware devices, electronics, and even some software too. HP has tons of happy users across the globe who use HP devices on a daily basis. HP Printers are one of the best available in the market today. These printers can be used in every field of work – homes, offices and business setup of small, medium and large enterprises.

If you are a regular HP printer user, you are likely to experience error code 0xf0af8004. It indicates that there is some internal problem in the device, due to which it has stopped working.


These are the astonishingly easy steps that you must follow to fix this error :

  •  At first, detach the USB cable from the printer without switching it off.
  • Then, remove all the cartridges and wait for a few seconds until the “Insert cartridges” message comes up.
  • Detach the power cord and wait for a few minutes. Then, turn the power on again and wait for the device to switch on by itself. If it does not, click on the power button.
  • Insert all the cartridges once again and print a calibration page. Then attach the USB cable to the printer. Try to print once again.
  • If the error persists, the printer would need a servicing.

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Being an HP Printer Support user, you might have known how difficult it is to deal with error code 0xf0af8004. If you do not have a solution yet, we are there to help you fix this error and bring your printer back to its former healthy shape. Call us on our HP printer error code 0xf0af8004 and we would surely guide you in the best ways.