How to fix HP printer error code 0X61011BEB?

Hp printers are taking over the world with their fast performance and excellent quality. Due to its multifunctionality, Hp Printers works wonders for domestic and business use. Despite its appealing features, HP printers do not lack to have drawbacks. These faults need its fixes from time to time. To fix HP printer error code 0X61011BEB, the below-mentioned steps will provide you with the appropriate help to overcome the same. On the other hand, you can connect with our tech experts for reliable solutions all along.

How to fix HP printer error code 0X61011BEB

Solution for fix HP printer error code 0X61011BEB:

Causes that lead to a printer error

Before choosing to resolve your issues, it is essential to know the cause behind it and they are:

  1. Cartridge problems which can lead to errors in your printer.
  2. Power issues which need to be appropriately checked.
  3. Issues with the printhead can also lead to errors in the device.
  4. Carriage jam issues.


Steps involved in resolving the printer error

Following are the steps to resolve your printer issues.

  1. Start with disconnecting the USB cable while the printer is kept on. Remove the ink cartridge and unplug the power cord. Wait for a minute and plug into the unit back and press the power button. Wait until the ‘insert cartridge’ option appears in your screen and then reinstall the cartridge. Reconnect the USB cable and try to print. This might resolve your problem and give you an error-free printing experience.
  2. Plug in directly in the wall outlet rather than the UPS. Verify that the unit is switched on and then disconnect the USB cable along with the power cable. Wait for few seconds and then plug back in the power cord to the wall outlet. Check for the functionality of your device.
  3. While the device is powered on, unplug the cable and wait for few seconds. Then press and hold ’#’ and ‘6’ while plugging in the power cord. Continue keeping it until the screen displays a semi-full reset in the panel of the device.
  4. Power off the device and unplug the power cable from the wall outlet. Remove the back piece and put it back on. This might resolve your problem instantly.


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