How to Fix Epson Printer Error Codes 00000101 And 00000100?

Epson printers are known for its realistic printing solutions. It has exceptional printing features which makes it more well-known among the users worldwide. But there are some technical issues, which cause errors in your printer and your printer malfunctions. Some of the most irritating ones are Epson printer error codes 00000101 And 00000100. If you want to protect your printing device and resolve this error, you can connect with our team through online support services.

Epson Printer error codes 00000101 And 00000100

Epson Printer error codes 00000101 And 00000100

If error code 00000100 appears in the LCD of your Epson printers that means the waste ink pads are completely full and it needs to be replaced, otherwise, it will cause a fatal error which will stop your printer from printing. You can get rid of this error code by following the ways mentioned below.

A perfect solution for fixing Epson Printer error code 00000100

There can be any fault in the following parts of your Epson printers- F box, pump assembly, a cap assembly, waste ink pads, cleaner, head, etc. You need to diagnose the parts which are responsible for arising from these errors and replace the faulty parts as soon as possible. After that, it is advisable to reset the counters by following the steps described below:

  • You are required to enter the Counter unit menu from Maintenance mode 2
  • Initialize the Waste ink counter
  • Clean the counter

Apart from that, if error code 00000101 appears in your printer, this means that the CR motor of your Epson Stylus Pro printer has reached 2.5 million passes. Alternatively, it also indicates that due to excessive wear and tear, the ink tubes wore out and it should be replaced. You need to make sure that the ink tubes are not worn out for smooth printing. You should verify that none of the tubes show wear or leaks ink anywhere. It should neither be loose; especially you should check the tube area between the ink pipes and the printheads.

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