How To Fix Canon printers Error Code 5011

Canon Inc. is a Japanese company that specializes in optical and other imaging products. Their wide range of device includes printers, camcorder, cameras, etc. They are well known for their best printing quality and versatility. Used both for home and offices, Canon printers makes one of the best brands of printing in the world.

Canon printers Error Code 5011

Despite its unmatched quality and fast performance, Canon printers also has its own glitches. These drawbacks need its fixes done at the right time before it starts to create more trouble for the device. To Fix Canon printers Error Code 5011, you need to take your device to a technician or follow some simple given steps. This will allow you to have an error-free printing experience.

Causes to the occurrence of error in your printer

There are many causes due to which your printer might have encountered an error. These causes are:

  1. Scanner unit must be damaged which is resulting to error 5011.
  2. The movement of the scanner is interrupted by dirt or any other foreign object stuck to the inside.
  3. The flexible data cable is broken, or it has shifted.
  4. Damage or a block has occurred in the main board.

Steps to help you recover from error code 5011

Here are some of the steps that will enable you to resolve the errors of your Canon printer. They are:

  1. Unplug the cable cord from the power supply. Wait for 10 minutes and plug the cord back in. Turn the printer off. Open the cover as if you want to change the ink cartridge then turn the power on and close the cover.
  2. Power off the printer, press and hold power and then cancel, simultaneously. Hold on the power button and release the cancel. Press the cancel button four times and release both.
  3. Look for foreign objects such as paper and other objects in your printer.
  4. Carefully clean the encoder strip which is located behind the cartridge, that runs all the way from right to the left.
  5. Replace the scanner unit if possible. This might eliminate your issues.

Avail instant support for your printer now!

Every device has its shortcomings and faults. These faults on the other hand needs timely fixes before it starts to damage the device. If the steps as mentioned above do not work best for you, then you need to take your device to a technician who will be able to give you the right expertise to solve the problem. Canon printers Error Code 5011, can now be resolved with our services available for you at right prices. Call us or chat with us right now and get the benefits from our support.