Printer Problems in Windows 10

Windows 10 Printer Problems? Microsoft is about to Release the Fixes

Users of Windows 10 have reported that they are facing a massive number of printer problems nowadays. The biggest problem that occurred after the launch of the May 2020 Windows 10 update. The problem has become extensive after the next two security updates. Reports say that the system cannot even detect the printer. 

Users who are using the software-based and virtual PDF printers in their Windows 10 OS are also facing the issue. Symptoms are like a certain error message appearing on the screen that the printer is unable to print due to the problem with the current printer setup. 

What is the main cause of this problem?

Microsoft has gathered all the reports and is working on it. The experts suggested that there might be a problem with the updates resealed before May. And, now the bugs in the May 2020 updates have combined with the previous one. Most of the users are facing the problem when they are printing their documents with the help of a local USB port.

After analyzing all the reports, in the presence of update bugs, Microsoft has mainly pointed out two main causes, in detail. They have stated that if any USB printer driver contains the language monitor, then the system will not call the OpenPortEx function. In doing so, the system will not at all fulfil the needs of the user. 

In the Device Control Panel of the printer, when the users select the Print Server Properties, the port of the USB printer doesn’t appear. This has happened due to the buggy update files, resisting the port to get visible. As a result, users cannot get their operations done. This is all happening due to the presence of the bugs. 

The Details about the updates 

The updates that are causing the trouble are KB4560960 for Windows 10 as well as the Windows Server 1903 version. The build number was 18362. For the 1909 version, the build number was 18363. Moreover, the KB4557957 update created issues for the Windows Server 2004 version which has the build number of 19041. This update was released on 9th 2020. 

What the users should do?

Reports say that Microsoft is working on the problem. Until and unless the software giant releases the fixes, people can uninstall the last update files. This might help the system to roll back and no problems can occur while printing. 

In addition to that, several tech experts say that they can also delete and then replace the Windows HP PCL5 printer drivers with PCL6. In doing so, the new files full of bugs will not be present in their system. But, they have to download each and every file separately based on the respective printer brand. 

Other Problems 

Apart from the printer problems, Microsoft has also received several more complaints. The complaints are like after installing the May 2020 updates, users cannot open the Office applications as well. They are receiving error messages like “Windows cannot find c:\program files\microsoft office\root\office16\winward.exe”. 

But, Microsoft said this problem is not associated with the Windows update. The software giant has also stated that there might be some other issues with the user’s security software. In addition to that, the Windows 10 2004 version bugs are also making the user’s computer display black. Surface devices that are running on Windows also got affected. 

The Fixture

A few months earlier, Microsoft had released the fixes for the Windows 10 2004 version. Those who use the Windows 10 2004 version can run a Windows update and resolve the issue. Moreover, Microsoft also had released other fixes. But, in this case, the other users will have to manually download the update files and install them accordingly or else try to contact for Printer Repair Service and book professional experts to solve your problem.