How To Find WPS Pin On Printer: A Step-By-Step Guide

WPS stands for Wi-Fi Protected Setup and it helps the users to establish a connection between the router and the wireless device. You can use the Wi-Fi Protected setup only for the wireless networks. Besides that, a password with the WPA or WPA2 personal security protocol is required.

So, if you have downloaded the printer driver on the HP printer then the device will ask for the WPS Pin in order to set up the wireless connection.

However,  locating WPS Pin on printer can be a difficult task. Here, we are going to discuss the easy techniques which will assist you to resolve all queries associated with the WPS Pin.

Steps to Connect the HP Printer through the WPS Pin

Generally, there are two ways through which you can set up the WPS method in the HP printer. Either you can do it through the WPS Pin otherwise, you can complete the connection procedure via the WPS button.

Read further to know the details of these two methods:

Method 1: Through the WPS Button

In order to connect the HP printer through the WPS button, at first, you need to visit the Control Panel of the HP printer. Under here, scroll down and tap on the Wireless Button.

Alternatively, you can press the Settings option. After that, a new window will pop up on the screen. Here, scroll down and tap on the ‘Wi-Fi Protected Setup’ option. Furthermore, follow the on-screen instructions that appear on the screen.

On the next screen, choose the WPS Button option. Then, the device will ask you to press the WPS button for your wireless router. After pressing the WPS button on the wireless router, you have to go to the HP printer.

Next, you should click on the ‘Continue for wireless connection’ button. After that, an automatic connection will be established between the wireless router and your device. When finished, reboot your computer and now your HP printer is ready to print.

Method 2: Connect the Printer via the WPS Pin

This is another alternative way that you can try to connect the HP printer to the wireless network.  Before applying this method, you need to find out where is WPS pin on printer  For that, at first, navigate to the HP printer’s Control Panel.

Furthermore, you need to tap on the Wireless button. In addition, touch the Settings option. On the next screen, proceed to the bottom and select the Wi-Protected Setup option. Afterwards, follow the on-screen prompts.

On the screen, you will see the WPS Pin. Simply click on it. Now, you will see the Pin number on the display.  Furthermore, you have to access the configuration utility or software for the wireless access point or router.

Once done, simply type the Pin number in the required field. Now, wait for a while and allow the HP printer to set up properly. After that, install the printer driver.

To do the task, at first, you should open the printer’s HP folder. Furthermore, choose the All Programs option. This will open a new page. Now, from the list of options, select the “Printer Setup & Software” option.

Next, you must click on the “Connect a new printer” option. Wait for the completion of the procedure. Once finished, exit from the page and then restart your computer as well as the HP printer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the WPS Pin identical to the WPS Password?

WPS stands for Wi-Protected Setup. Many users use this method to secure the AP for the wireless network. For that, users should first locate the WPS Pin.

Once, you have found out the WPS Pin, then you can easily locate the WPS password. Besides that, by using the WPS Pin and WPS password, you can secure your connection. 

2. WPS Pin Consist of how many Numbers?

WPS Pin is an 8 digit number that is encrypted with the WPA2 or WPA personal security protocols. If the WPS pin is correct you can undoubtedly establish a secure network that can be used to connect the wireless router with the printer.

3. Do all the Routers have the WPS button?

The answer is no. If your wireless router has a WPS button, then you will see it on the backside of the router. However, it totally depends on the model of the router. Like, in Linksys routers, you will see the WPS button in the front panel. 

4. Where you will see the Wi-Fi Password on the HP Printer?

In case, you are searching for the Wi-Fi password, then at first, you need to right-click on the Wi-Fi network name and select the Status button. 

Next, tap on the Wireless Properties option. This will lead to a new window. Here, locate and click on the Security option. Furthermore, mark the box beside the ‘Show characters’ option in order to see the Wi-Fi password of the HP printer.