How to Solve Printer Error Turn Power Off and then On again in Epson Printer?

Need to quickly Solve Printer error turn power off and then on again in Epson Printer, which error message occurs automatically, when you do printing the task! Then don’t worry about it. This error is known as a fatal error and it’s essential for you to solve it. It is caused by some misunderstanding with the system, or even appears to the printer’s ignorance, which may lead to a more serious problem.

Printer Error Turn Power Off and then On again in Epson Printer

This is one of the most common errors, which indicates that the Epson Printer can’t finish its self-test. When the user turns the power ON of the Epson printer it began to check whether all systems are working well or not. If for some reason it can’t finish this self-test, at that time, the printer gives error message “Epson Printer Error Turn Power Off and then ON Again”. It means users have to fix the problem first. In case the self-test is finished the printer is ready to print. Then you don’t need to follow the below given defined solutions that suggested by Epson Printer support service professionals to fix the problem quickly.

Steps to Solve Printer error turn power off and then on again in Epson Printer

Step 1:- Turn off the Epson Printer

You should try to unplug the power cable from the wall outlet for nearly 5 minutes. Then power “ON” the Printer again. Check the error is resolved. If the error has not gone, then follow next solution.

Step 2:- Store the Transportation Lock

Make sure that the transportation lock has been removed.

Step 3:– Ensure that CD Tray Is In the Eject Position

If the CD tray is ejected position, make sure press CD tray button to retract the tray with storage position. Never forcefully pull or push the CD tray into position.

Step 4:-Ensure the Paper Is Not Jammed

Turn off the Epson Printer and make sure the paper is not jammed inside the unit.

Step 5:Ensure the Epson Printer Carriage

In case user Epson Printer with CISS installed to make sure the printer carriage can go left and right smoothly.

Step 6:Verify the Upper Scanner Part of Printer

Make sure that the upper scanner part of your Epson printer is locked or closed tightly.

Step 7:- Check the Entire Units Function

Initialization routine that gets run on startup checks the entire unit function before completing without an error.

Step 8:- Install Original Epson Ink Cartridges and Run the Printer

If you use CISS then there may be ink tubes preventing to move the carriage from left to right. Then it’s recommended for you to install original Epson ink cartridges and run the printer. If there will be NO error that means the reason is the CISS-installed not correctly.

Step 9: Move the Carriage

Now you need to access the cartridge loading area while off and then move the carriage away from stops just an inch is needed. Next, lifting slightly, make sure that it must move easily. If it appears sluggish at first the ink collection cup is gummed up and needs cleaning.

Step 10:- Clean all Optical Sensors, and Printer

In case the paper path has a sensor that is mounted opposite the size is adjustment slide on the paper tray. Typically a small opto-sensor it can be blocked with dust. The best solution is to disassemble the printer and clean all optical sensors, paper feed sensors, encoder strip, and disc encoder.

I hope the issue is resolved.

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Printer Error Turn Power Off and then On again in Epson Printer

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