How to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 49?

Error Code 49 in HP Printers is a temporary communication error code. Free yourself from such troubling errors with the help of HP Printer Customer Support Number +855-534-1508. Clear pending printing jobs to resolve HP Printer Error Code 49.

How to Resolve HP Printer Error Code 49

It is another most temporary error that affects your HP Printer. There are no proper solutions to fix this error. Determining the cause of the error is bit difficult. You can try some general solutions to fix this error. Resolving network and connectivity related issues, clearing pending printing jobs and reboot will help you to make this error disappear. 49 service errors on HP LaserJet pro 400 m401dn is the most common error that you can face.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Printer Error Code 49:

When you get this error, you need to check you system thoroughly. There is ample number of possibilities behind this error. Due to some general reasons, this error can appear on the display screen temporarily.  You should not freak out when you have this error. Try out the discussed solutions to deal with this error effectively. You can also choose to connect with HP Printer Technical Support for immediate help. HP Laser Jet 49 Error Troubleshooting has been discussed in the blog with step by step solutions.

Solution 1: Deletion of Pending Printing Jobs

If there are any pending printing jobs in the queue, delete it early. Clear the printing queue to fix this error. To do so:

  • You need to click on Printer icon and thus open the Printer Device.
  • Click on Print Queue to open up a list.
  • Delete all the print jobs that are being held on the Queue.

Solution 2: Disabling of Advanced Printing Features

  • First thing you need to do is to click on the Windows Logo Printers
  • Next you need to select the Printer Queue followed by choosing the printer preferences.
  • Choose Advanced Option followed by selecting Advance Printing Features.
  • Now disable to terminate this error

Solution 3: Updating of Printer’s Firmware

Outdated or damaged firmware is another reason for this error. If you are using a corrupted firmware, HP 49 error 3d910c8 error code will pop up. Update the firmware with its latest and newer version to get rid of this error.

Solution 4: Printing of a Test Page

  • First of all, turn your printer off and detach all the power cables connected to it.
  • Check whether you HP LaserJet p2055d Printer switches to Ready state or not.
  • Power on the printer and print a test page.
  • If page prints, the error is more like to disappear.

Make a Call at HP Printer Customer Service Number for Instant Solutions:

If you are unable to mend this error even after following the steps, go to HP Printer Customer Service Number as early possible. Our toll free number is available 24*7. And we offer comprehensive support for serious to serious situations. As soon as you get an HP Printer Error, follow out our step by step instruction for immediate relief. Hence get our support services now to become free from headaches.