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Printers have become highly essential to accomplish our daily work requirement. But what if you experience any sorts of issues while you are working with your printer?

There can be certain circumstances that will result in printer error. Some of the common printer errors include printer goes offline, printer not printing documents, the printer is not detected by the computer, printer prints blank pages, etc

There can be certain ink cartridge problems, driver-related issues and many more. For resolving these printer errors, you might need to implement a few basic troubleshooting measures before you start looking for “printer repair near me” to get the best results. 

5 Solutions to the Common Problems

If you get stuck with any of the above errors or any other errors that prevent you from getting a smooth printing experience, then you can follow the underlying common solutions. 

Fix 1: Modify the Printer Settings According to the Printer Requirements

Generally, printer issues occur due to certain incorrect printer settings. Therefore, it is mandatory that you modify the incorrect printer settings. To do this fix, follow these instructions:

Step 1: 

Press the combination of the Windows logo and R key. It will invoke the Run window. Inside the Run dialogue box, write “Control Panel” and hit the “OK” button. From the appeared menu, choose the “Control Panel” in order to initiate the window. 

Step 2: 

Once you are in the Control Panel window, try to review whether your printer is set as the Default device. Next, proceed to right tap on your printer and hit the option titled “See What’s Printing”. 

Step 3: 

Here, you will notice unfinished tasks, try to remove these tasks immediately. Head over to the “Queue window” and initiate your Printer menu. Furthermore, locate and select the “Use Printer Offline” button. Be sure that you remove the tick mark from the checkbox to deselect the option.

Fix 2: Review the Printer Status

Here, in this section, it is recommended you review your printer status. This will help you to determine why you are facing the printer errors. So, go through these instructions to review the printer status:

  • Initially, try to verify that your device has sufficient ink inside the ink cartridge. If any of the ink cartridges is out of ink, then replace the empty or problematic ink cartridge with the new one as soon as possible.
  • Also, be sure that there is no paper stuck inside your printer device. If you notice any stucked paper, then gently remove the paper from the device. 
  • Moreover, it is necessary that you use genuine ink cartridges. Therefore, if you are using incompatible or third-party ink cartridges, then replace it with the original one to avoid further issues or damage. 

Fix 3: Reset the Printer Properties

Resetting the printer properties can be another reliable fix that can give you the desired result. In order to proceed with this fix, follow the below cited steps.

  • Head over to the “Control Panel” window and try to locate the “Devices and Printers”.
  • Once the “Devices and Printers” option is located, tap on it and proceed to right tap on your printer.
  • Afterwards, hit the “Printer Properties” icon and initiate the menu.
  • Go to the “Ports” tab and tap on your device’ s IP address that shows up on the result-oriented window.
  • Head over to the next window and search for both the “Configure Port” and “SNMP Status Enabled” options.
  • Under the “Configure Port”, tap the “SNMP Status Enabled” option and eliminate the tick mark from the checkbox and deselect the option.
  • Furthermore, tap on the “Apply” button as well as the “Yes” button. This will save the new modifications.

Otherwise, if the error is associated with your Canon device, then try to search for Canon printer repair near me.

Fix 4: Clear out the Corrupted Print Spooler Files and Restart the Service

Due to certain circumstances, the print spooler gets corrupted or damaged which results in the various printer errors. 

Therefore, it is essential that you clear out those problematic print spooler files and reboot the print spooler service. Here are the instructions:

Step 1: 

On the Run dialogue box, enter “Services.msc” and hit the “OK” button to execute the command. When the Service window appears on the screen, search for the “Print Spooler Service” inside it. Once the service is located, proceed to right tap on it and hit the “Stop” icon. This will disable the Print Spooler Service on your device.

Step 2: 

In the next step, head over to the search field and enter “%WINDIR%system32spoolprinters”. Once the next window pops up on the screen, hit the folder icon and try to delete all the folders associated with “Print Spooler Service”. While performing this instruction, ensure that you have administrator rights.

Step 3: 

Go back to the Service window and initiate the Print Spooler Service page. Now, tap on the “Start” icon in order to restart the service. Moreover, tap on the “Startup Type” and set it to “ Automatic”. Implement the changes by tapping on the “OK” button.

Fix 5: Update Printer Driver

Using outdated printer drivers can also create printer errors. But, this will be easily sorted out by updating the printer driver. Follow the steps in order to update the printer driver.

  • Invoke the search dialogue box and write “Device Manager” inside it.
  • Press the Enter key to initiate the “Device Manager” window.
  • Head over to the category in order to determine the installed device name. 
  • Proceed to hit the Printer Driver icon and choose the option titled “Search automatically for updated driver software”.
  • Now, the system will look for the latest printer driver version. Tap on the “Update Driver” when you are asked to do so.

If the printer error is related to the driver, then after updating the printer driver, the error should be removed. Further, you can also search for “printer to repair near me” to get instant support.

Fix 6: Accomplish the Windows Updates

Accomplishing the Windows Updates can also help you to resolve the printer errors. To do the task, carry out these instructions:

  • Go to the “Start” menu and write “Windows Updates” inside the search field.
  • Head over to the “Windows Updates Settings” and hit the option stated, “Check for Updates”.
  • Install the updates by tapping on the “OK” button twice. Wait unless the installation process gets completed.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to Reset a Printer?


With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cable and leave the device for a while. Afterwards, press the combination of the “Power” and “Cancel” button while plugging the power cable. Press the combination keys unless the device boots up.


  • How to Update the Printer Firmware?


Power on the printer and connect it to a strong and stable wireless network. Go to the “Menu” bar and hit the “Setup” icon. Navigate to the “Device Settings” and choose the “Firmware Update” button. Hit the “Install Update” button when prompted. Select the “OK” button in order to approve the firmware installation. 


  • How to Clean the Canon Printer Device?


Go to the Canon printer Driver Setup window and hit the “Maintenance” icon to invoke the tab.

Once the Deep Cleaning dialogue box appears on the screen, choose your required option for which the deep cleaning is to be accomplished. Initiate the cleaning by tapping on the “Execute” icon. Once the cleaning process gets completed, hit the “Finish” button as well as the “OK” button.