How To Fix Error Code 0x61000016 or 0x6100000e on HP printers?

HP printers are stylish and versatile devices that can be used for offices and home. With their unmatched quality and bright prints. These glitches need to be fixed at the right time before it damages more to the device. To solve HP Printer Error Code 0x61000016 or 0x6100000e on HP printers, you need to follow these simple steps that will help you to overcome the same. Hp is considered to be the best in the world. But despite their amazing features, HP does not lack to have glitches that keep on irritating the users.

How To Fix error code 0x61000016 or 0x6100000e on HP printers

Causes that lead to error code 0x61000016 or 0x6100000e on HP printers

Before opting to follow the instructions that will resolve your printer issues, you need to know the reasons for which this occurs in the first place.

  1. Carriage jam can cause errors to pop up in your device.
  2. Issues with your cartridge can also lead to problems.
  3. Paper jam is another reason that can create unwanted problems in your device.

Steps to resolve the printer error

These steps given below will help you to resolve the error in your printer effectively.

  1. Without turning off the printer, you need to disconnect the USB cable from the rear. Then you need to remove the cartridge and wait for the message ‘insert cartridge’ to appear in the control panel. Disconnect the power cord and wait for a minute. Now, connect the power cord. Press the power button and insert the cartridge. Close the doors and reconnect the USB cable to the rear of the printer.
  2. Open the printer and wait for the carriage to slide over, then remove the cartridges from the print head. Use cotton swabs dipped in warm water to clean the print head thoroughly. Repeat this until there is no residue left. Once done with it, allow it to dry and then try printing.
  3. The ink cartridge may be defective which may lead to problems with your device. Replace the cartridge to experience an error-free printing.

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Avail expert support for your device!

If none of these solutions work, then you need to take your device to a technician and get it thoroughly checked before it starts damaging other parts of the printer. HP Printer Error Code 0x61000016 or 0x6100000e, with the help of a technician, can be resolved in a brief time. Call us right now and avail expert help at your doorstep.