HP Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10?

Printing disorder is not a fable phenomenon. It has the most indubitable effect on the lifespan and performance of a printer. If you do not fix HP Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10, major traps await you. It is better to shake hands with HP Printer Support Number to erase out such situations.

HP Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10

HP printers have its own compatibility with the Operating System which it is connected with. But when you upgrade or update the operating system, drastic changes take place. Similarly when you upgrade you Windows 10, your HP Printers stop responding the way it used to do. You need to work on the printer driver and the software as per the upgrade. Many software centric issues overshadow the printer’s performance making it slow and sluggish.

Elementary Solutions to Troubleshoot HP Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10:

There are thousands of printing issues and so are the solutions. There is no printing error without a solution along with that. So if your HP Printer becomes unresponsive after an upgrade, then here are the list solutions that you can try to erase the multifarious issues:

Solution 1: Fix  HP Printer Driver Related Error

If the printer driver is not compatible with the system, you no longer be able to pass printing command. On such situation, you need to uninstall the printer and download the compatible printer driver again. Use in-built Add or Remove Programs option to make the process happen. Yet you can avail help from HP Printer Repair Service to avoid complicacy.

Solution 2: Fix HP Printer Software Related Problem after Upgrade

When you upgrade your HP Printer, you need to remove the software package present in the system. To do so,

  • First you need to open Device Manager by typing it in the Start search box.
  • When the Device Manager window opens up, click on View followed by choosing Show Hidden Devices.
  • Make sure whether there are any entry related to HP Printer or not.
  • If yes, remove the entries and disconnect the Printer.
  • Restart the system to save the changes.

Solution 3: Fix Windows 10 fails to install driver

If Windows 10 fails to install a printer driver after you install it, you can do it manually by trying the below steps:

  • Check whether the HP Printer is properly connected with the system or not.
  • If yes, turn it on and thus click on Start option.
  • Choose All Apps followed by clicking on Windows System Folder.
  • Next you need to click on Control Panel to choose Hardware and Sound.
  • Under that, look for Devices and Printer and thus click on Add a Printer option.
  • If you cannot see your printer in the list, click on ‘The printer I want is not listed’.
  • Now click on Add a Printer and thus on Next option.
  • Finally follow out the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

Obtain 24*7 Professional Supports for Immediate Composed Solutions:

HP Printer Driver is unavailable in Windows 10

If the certain printer problems with windows 10 are giving you nightmares and you cannot stop pulling your hair in sheer frustration, then you are in the right path. It is the time when you need to grab the HP printer support phone number and place an immediate call. Our support team will assist you with full efficacy. Hence connect with us and leave all your stress and worries behind.