How to Resolve Kyocera Printer Error Code C6000 and C6001?

The Kyocera Mita range of printers is well-known globally for the power-packed features and high performance at low costs. These multifunctional printers offer economic and ecological benefits. With time, you may face issues like Kyocera Printer Error Code C6000 and C6001. Give us a call at our helpline numbers for immediate solutions.

How to Resolve Kyocera Printer Error Code C6000 and C6001

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The Kyocera Corporation was initially known as the Kyoto Ceramic Company, founded by Kazuo Inamori in Japan in 1959. It was renamed in the year 1982.  It is one of the largest multinational companies of Japan. Kyocera produces industrial ceramics, telecommunication devices and electronics with high-performance. Kyocera has millions of global users who use Kyocera products.

Error code C6001  in a Kyocera Mita printer indicates an abnormality in the communication of image processor or a malfunction in the  CCDB connection. This can be due to problems in the CCD board or the Overall control board, any configuration error in the DF or issues with the installed DF in the main body of the device.

Easy and simple ways to fix error code C6001 –

  • Firstly, check the type of the DF that is installed and then replace it if you find something wrong in it.
  • Then, check whether the correct kind of firmware is installed in the device. If not, install the correct firmware.
  • Next, check the harness connection between the DFCB and DSIPB and correct it if you find anything wrong.
  • Also, check the harness connection between DSIPB and MFPB, and then install it correctly, if there is a problem with it.
  • Lastly, replace the DSIPB, MFPB and the DFCB.

You may also find the Kyocera Printer Error Code C6000 and C6001 in the fuser due to overheating. Fix this error by first switching off the printer, wait for a few minutes and then switch it on again. Or else, try to reset the user of the device.  Then replace the fuser if necessary.

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