How To Register Epson Printer With Help Of Cloud Services?

To register Epson Printer with the help of cloud services, users are first advised to work with the service where they have to create a Google account. If they do not have a Google account then, there is a need to create one first. For this, one needs to have a printer that will connect to Wi-Fi. The second one is to work with the computer with the Chrome browser installed in the system. So, now let us see what are the steps involved in it.

Steps to register Epson Printer with the help of cloud services

Step 1: Open the printer’s Web Configuration section in a browser and then enter the IP address.

Step 2: Perform a proper check of the printer’s IP address by verifying the network status which can easily be found in the control panel.

Step 3: Now look for the network status sheet as well as the network connection check report

Step 4: Now, simply click the “Google print service” and choose the “register” icon

Step 5: Users are advised to click the “usage advisory” icon and read all the terms as well conditions carefully. Choose the “accept’ button and click on the “next’ icon. A confirmation screen will automatically appear on the screen.

Step 6: Click the “OK” button to get access to the Google cloud print registration screen easily

Step 7: Sign into the Google with the help of your account created.

Step 8: Click on the “confirmation” button and move next. After the completion of the registration process, the information sheet will be printer from the printer.

Step 9: Select the printing option the Google Cloud Print application and here you are all done.

How To Register Epson Printer With Help Of Cloud Services

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