How to Print from iPhone to Brother Printer?(Step-Wise Guide)

Manging various printed files or documents can be pretty challenging for all. From software bugs and glitches to compatibility issues, it can seem impossible to get an iDevice to communicate with a printing device even if it is Bluetooth enabled and supports wireless technology.

But, Apple iOS introduces various reliable ways that will allow the users to connect to their iDevice to the printer. They can use Google Cloud Print, Apple AirPrint, email printing or any compatible third-party software to get a hold of the hard copy files they need.

Here are the instructions on “how to print from iPhone to wireless printer”. To know the process in a detailed manner, check out the underlying section attentively.

Learn How to Print from iPhone

There can be various ways to print a file or document from an iPhone. Some of the most prominent ways are mentioned below. So, let’s check out.

Use the Apple AirPrint Feature

The AirPrint is an application which is authorised by Apple itself. This application allows users to create and print good quality printouts in a hassle-free manner. For this purpose, users do not require to install any kind of driver or software on their iDevice. 

Before proceeding with the printing process, be sure about the Operating System version as well as AirPrint compatibility of your printer. In addition to that, you must also be sure that you have a third-generation Apple device to perform the entire operation successfully. 

Now, follow the under mentioned instructions to complete the task.

Step 1: Connect to Wireless Network

Initially, make sure that both the printer and computer are connected to the same wireless network. Also, ensure that your devices are connected to the wireless network that belongs to you. Moreover, visit the manufacturer’s website or check out the printer’s manual for getting more detailed instructions regarding how to connect to the wireless network.

Step 2: Select the Printing Device

Review the connection between the printer and iDevice by launching the AirPrint-enabled applications like Safari, Mail, or Evernote. All these applications have a common email icon. This particular icon will help you with either mail or print your selected document or file. For printing purposes, you have to select the Email icon and then hit the “Print” button. 

Step 3: Chose the Number of Copies

In this step, you need to select the number of copies that you require to print by hitting the subtraction or additional arrows. At least one copy is mandatory and you can print at most 99 pages at a time. Moreover, you need to choose the “Option” icon in order to bring up the colour preferences and other related preferences.

Step 4: Proceed to Print the Selected File

When you are done with all the above-mentioned steps, you can hit the “Print” that is present on the top right corner of the screen. On the other hand, you can check the printing status or cancel the printing task by tapping on the “Home” button. Select Print Center during the App Switcher and hit the icon titled “Cancel Printing”.

Use the Email

There can be various printing devices that are featured with email preferences. It will allow the users to print their necessary files or documents from their phone. Printing through email preferences is quite simple and straightforward. 

You just need to forward an email from your iDevice to the printing device that is featured with email preference.

Step 1: Activate the Email Printing Preferences

For availing the email printing preference, be sure that your printer has the ability to print via email. Thereafter, try to enable the preference on your device. Enabling the email preferences varies depending on the printer brand you use. Make sure that your printer’s email address will play a vital role in email printing. 

While enabling the email print feature, you don’t need to connect your iDevice to the wireless network. Moreover, apart from print via iPhone, if you are willing to print via your computer, then you have to connect the system as well as the printer to the same wireless network.

Step 2: Print via iPhone

After you activate the email printing preferences on your device, you just require to forward an image or email from your iDevice to the printing system. This will print the document or image to the default specifications automatically. Until you reset the default settings during the activation process, the settings will remain the same. 

Therefore, the device won’t be able to acquire files from PowerPoint, Word, JPEGs, GIFS as well as Excel. Check the printer manual for more information regarding the supportable file size, format, and other related details.

Use Google Cloud:

Google Cloud is another compatible way that can be used to print required documents from iPhone. The Google Print enables all the Google applications to print from Google Docs, Gmail or Chrome browser. 

Step 1: Sign up a Google Account

In order to utilize the Google Cloud feature for fulfilling your printing requirements, it is quite necessary that you sign up with the Google account. This will be done by going to Google and following the on-screen instructions that appear on the display screen in order to make a Google account in the correct manner.

Step 2: Download the Google Cloud-Enabled Application

The Google Print exclusively works on a few Google software and applications. There is no Google Cloud Print software for iPhone users. Therefore, you can download any Google Cloud-enabled application from the App Store. After downloading the application launch it on your iDevice by following the on-screen guidelines. 

Step 3: Select a File or Document you want to Print

Once you launch the application on your iDevice, a new menu appears on the screen where you will be asked to choose your printable file or documents. The file can be webpage, email, image or file. Now, you can hit the ‘Printer” icon to continue the process.

Step 4: Choose your Printer

In this step, you need to choose your printer from the available printer list and follow the further instructions. Here, you might require to enter your Gmail address and hit the blue coloured “Save” button.

Step 5: Proceed to Print

Once you perform all the above steps in the correct manner, you will be redirected to the Print page. In this screen, you will be able to see whatever you have chosen all the printing requirements. Modify printer settings if required. Furthermore, a page will pop up on the screen that stated Print Later, Preview, and Print. Simply hit the “Print” icon from the pop-up menu.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why is a Printer not Showing up on an iPhone?


If you are not able to locate your printer on your iPhone, then there might be certain connection issues between your iDevice and the printer. Therefore, try to check your printer is connected to the wireless network as your printer. For further details on printer connection, check the printer user manual or manufacturer’s website.


  • How to Locate Saved WiFi Security Key on iPhone?


On the iPhone, head over to the Home page and hit the “Settings” icon in order to initiate the Settings window. Scroll through the router section and look for the IP address of it. Make an attempt to launch a new tab on the default web browser and enter the IP address inside the address bar. 

Hit the Enter button and then the router’s login page come up on the screen. Here, you will find all the necessary details related to the Wi-Fi settings along with the Wi-Fi security key.