How To Install Brother Printer Driver On Mac?(Step-Wise Guide)

Brother printers are widely used owing to its impeccable features and facilities. It provides superb quality printing and scanning outputs. Moreover, it will also help you to produce high-quality Auto CAD drawings, and print via mobile devices in an efficient way. 

But, to use this printer, you need to install the correct printer drivers. There are mainly three ways by which you can learn how to install Brother printer drivers on Mac. We are presenting you with all the necessary information regarding the installation procedure. 

Steps to Install Brother Printer Drivers on Mac Device

You can easily install the brother printer drivers with 3 easy steps. With the help of these steps, the printer setup will complete. Then, you will be able to use the printer to print all your documents, scan as well. 

Step 1: Install the Printer Driver with a Disc

When you get a driver disc along with the printer, unwrap the disc and insert it in your computer. Wait for some time until the system initializes the disc. After that, you have to connect your Mac computer with a USB cable. Now, click on the “Apple” menu and select “Print and Fax”. Then, hit on “Printers” and click on the “+” icon to search the name and add the printer. 

When the task of adding the printer is complete, open the disc file folder. Right-click on it to install the drivers. Wait for some time until the installation is successfully complete. After that you can easily print from the printer. If you don’t have a USB cable you can set up the wireless network and perform the installation process. 

Step 2: Installation of Drivers without Disc

If you do have any driver disc, then you need to download the drivers manually from the official website. Follow these steps to download and install the drivers: 

  • Open your default browser and type the web address in the address bar, press Enter. You will see various links present there. 
  • After that, select “Support and Downloads” and it will take you to the support page. After reaching the web page, you need to select your product.
  • Click in the “Choose your product” button and the page will again redirect you to the product page for selection. 
  • Select “Products Search” by entering the name and model number of the device. Hit the “Search” button and the page will automatically detect your Macintosh OS version as well as number. 

You will be able to see all the necessary driver files present there. In case, you don’t know the name of your printer, you can click on “How to identify your model name” option and follow the instructions. After downloading the Brother printer drivers Mac, install the .dmg setup files one by one. 

Step 3: Automatically Download and Install the Drivers

When you are busy with important tasks, you might want to download and install the drivers in your Macintosh computer automatically. In such cases, running a system update is the only option. 

First, you need to check for updates by clicking on the “Apple” menu. Then, select “System Preferences”. Now, click on “Software Update” and the Operating System will check for any latest updates. 

After the successful checking procedure, hit on “Install Mac OS updates”. You can either download the updates from the App Store or from the Apple update database directly. Stay back and relax, while the system downloads the new system files as well as the printer drivers. When the operation is complete, click on “OK” to finish the automatic download and installation process. 

What if the Brother Printer Drivers Installation Fails?

When you cannot install the printer drivers in your Mac computer, there might be some obvious reasons like corrupted drivers, wrong functionalities in the system, driver disc not responding and others. In such cases, you have to make the necessary changes to resolve the problems. 

  • Open the “Security and Privacy” menu and change the application permissions. Select the “App Store and identified developers”.
  • When you face any problems installing the drivers with the disc, check whether the disc is in working condition. If not, you can clean the external scratches with a disc cleaner. 
  • Make sure you download the drivers manually from the official website. In case, you have downloaded the drivers from any third-party, we advise you not to install them at all. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t you connect the Brother printer to Mac?

Ans: When you cannot connect to the printer, there might be some issues in network settings. Check the entire network configuration and see whether you need to make some changes or not. If it is, make sure you perform those changes or reconfigure the entire network once again. 

How to find the IP address of your Brother printer?

Ans: There is a label attached to the back of the printer where you can find the IP address of the device. If not, then click on “Printers and Scanner”, find the name of your printer, right-click on it and you will see IP address eventually.