How To Fix Overflow Waste Ink Counter Error?

Epson encounters the overflow waste ink counter error when the printer will stop its normal operation once the device is in trouble state. In such cases, users will usually need to take their printer to service center to get them working in normal state again but keeping their difficulty in mind, our professionals have found solution to fix overflow waste ink counter error.

How To Fix Overflow Waste Ink Counter Error

Steps to  Fix Overflow Waste Ink Counter Error

Step 1: Download an appropriate tool

  • The very step is simply to download the most appropriate tool to overcome this error. While downloading the tool make sure that it is well compatible with both the operating systems namely: Windows as well as Mac devices

Step 2: Buying an appropriate Waste Reset Key

  • To resolve the issue of Waste Ink Pads Counters, users are advised to reset the key. Be careful while performing this step.

Step 3: Start resetting the Epson printer

  • The very first step is to connect the printer via USB cable only
  • Next, connect the computer to the internet carefully
  • Now, the next step to be taken into consideration is what type of devices you are working with: Mac OS or Windows system. If a user is running Mac OS then, run the appropriate command.  If it is Windows OS, then, file should be downloaded and then unzip it.
  • Users are advised to double click on the Portable_wicreset.exe or Setup_wicreset.exe file
  • Select the type of printer which you wish to reset given in the list
  • Now, hit on the “Read waste counters” button
  • Tap on the “Reset waster counters” button to start resetting the Epson printer now
  • It is advised for users to enter the WIC Reset Key which has been recently have.
  • Wait for a while to appear an important alert message which will ask you to turn off the printer. Switch OFF the printer when prompted to do so
  • After the successful completion of the task, you will get a congratulation message on the screen
  • Perform a thorough check whether for Waste counter error again by switching ON the printer again

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