How to Fix Lexmark Printer Says Busy Errors Code 2420?

If you are using Lexmark 2420 Printer, that did fine work a few hours before, but now the printer hangs at the ‘Busy’ state after a new toner cartridge is installed. You are unable to understand that what type of situation occurs suddenly. Then don’t worry about it. Fix Lexmark Printer Says Busy Errors Code 2420 is not such a difficult task for you if you follow the troubleshooting steps that suggested by the Lexmark support professionals.

Lexmark Printer Says Busy

Well, there could be a variety of reasons for occurring ‘ Busy Error’, include as communication failure issue between one of the printheads (cartridges) and the All-In-One (AIO) or by a short in one of the printheads, In the AIOC property list the scanner-busy flag is set to true. Or the AIOC application is not getting the unlock command to remove the scanner-busy flag, etc. Then you need to follow the above steps that defined below to fix this issue.

Steps to Fix Lexmark 2420 Busy Error:-

Step 1:- Power off the Lexmark Printer and Disconnect Cables

Power off the Lexmark printer and disconnect all communication cables (that is the parallel, Ethernet, USB cables and wireless option) going into the printer. Then leave the power cord as the ONLY cord or cable going into the printer.

Step 2:- Confirm the Correct Toner Cartridge

Then you need to confirm that the correct toner cartridge for this printer model was installed properly.

If you find that the toner cartridge that was installed, it’s not seated correctly. The remove and re-install the cartridge, and ensure its seated properly.

Step 3:- Power on the Lexmark Printer

Power on the Lexmark printer. If it comes to the ‘Ready’ state after powering back on, use the operator panel on the printer to print one of the internal pages, such as a settings page or a demo page.

Step 4:- Download the Latest Firmware Code

  • Go to Lexmark Support website.
  • Next, go to the left-hand pane, and then hit on the “Support & Downloads” link in the left-hand pane.
  • Then type your printer model inside the “Search by Product or Software Name” box, and then hit “select”.
  • Next, hit on the “Downloads” tab and check the latest firmware version.
  • Then hit on the “Download” button and save the file. Make a note as to where you have the files saved.

Step 5:- Power off the Printer Again

Now you need to power off the printer again. Then reconnect the communication cable(s) back into the printer, one at a time (if you had more than one installed). Then power on the printer after you install each cable and print a sample page.

I hope your issue is fixed after performed all the above steps.

In case, if the  issue still persisting or if you are having difficulties to follow the above steps, then you should contact Lexmark technical support professional for instant help.

Connect with Lexmark  Support Experts for Immediate Help:-

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Says Busy Errors Code 2420

You can take online help through our third-party proficient professionals at dialing Lexmark Support Number, which works 24×7 hours. A team of our certified and experienced professionals will give you the comprehensive guide to fixing Lexmark Printer technical troublesome situations. Through the experts, you can resolve any kind Lexmark  Printer technical issues or errors timely with the finest and easiest solutions. Hence, connect with our technicians now to avail more help for further Lexmark  Priner queries