How To Fix Lexmark Printer Error code 241 500?

However, even this useful device is not free from errors and Lexmark users across the world often complain about the frequent appearance of Error code 241 and 242 which are nothing but paper jam issues in the printer. You will look for an expert’s help to troubleshoot the Lexmark Printer Error code 242 and 241 to resume your printing job as before.

How To Fix Lexmark Printer Error code 241 500

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How to fix Lexmark printer error code 241 or 242?

  • Take out the paper tray
  • Lift it up to get access to the bottom of the printer
  • Take out the two rubber rollers from the bottom and clean them properly with a dry cloth
  • Flip them inside out and put them back into their respective positions
  • Put the tray back inside the printer
  • Try to take a sample print to check whether the issue is solved or not

If the error message still appears, you can apply another method which is explained below.

  1. Take out the paper tray
  2. Remove any jammed sheets or scrap of paper from there
  3. Reinstall the paper tray inside the printer and start printing again

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