How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10?

Error 241.10 is a numeric depiction of Paper Jam error in Lexmark Printer. Learn more about this error through this blog or Lexmark Printer Customer Support Number +855-534-1508. Untangle the jam inside your printer to fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10. The error message says, “241 Paper Jam – Check Tray 1 “.

Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10

Error 241.xx stands for particularly paper jam. No matter what number you put after 241, it will typically mean that your printer has paper jam. It implies a paper jam at the front of the printer near the paper tray 1. Error 241.00, 241.01, 241.02, 241.03, 241.04, 241.05, 241.06, 241.07, 241.08, 241.09, 241.10, 241.11, 241.12, 241.13, 241.14, 241.15, 241.16, 241.17 all represents paper jam issue within the printer. You need to clear the entire paper path to get along with the error. You need to follow the exact same procedure for paper jam to fix this error.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10:

It is one of the most common Lexmark Printer errors. There is nothing to freak out because of the number. Read the blog or connect with Lexmark Printer Customer Care Support to get to the roots of the error.

  • First of all, you need to take the paper tray 1 out of the printer.
  • Look for jammed sheets inside the printer and try to print again.
  • If the paper jam reappears, check whether the sheets are being feed out of the paper tray or not.
  • If no paper is passing from the tray 1, remove the tray 1 once again.
  • Next you need to check the path where the tray goes in.
  • Look for tanned colored rubber rollers and clean them thoroughly. Use a dry cloth to clean it and thus try to print again.
  • The feed rollers may be worn up if it still does not pull any paper.
  • Remove the tray 1 again and remove the rubber tire from the each roller.
  • Be care. Do not damage the rubber tire during this time.
  • If everything works fine, you do not need to replace any parts of the printer.
  • But even after trying everything if the printer still does not feed papers out of the try, you need service.
  • If the paper is being feed, but getting struck within somewhere the printer, remove the paper tray 1 again.
  • Look into the space where the paper tray goes and look upwards of the front of that area.
  • If any small piece of paper is struck around any of the rollers, remove it. Be careful while working with rollers. Do not damage it further.

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How to Fix Lexmark Printer Error Code 241.10

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