How To Fix Lexmark Printer Error code 108.xx?

The Lexmark Internationals Inc. was founded in USA, 1939. Lexmark is well-known for manufacturing high-quality imaging devices and laser printers. Lexmark printers can provide top-class performance in every field of work. They are designed for every office and all kinds of business setups ranging from small, medium or large enterprises. The printers are called “color superstars” with advanced features to support all types of group activities and print thousands of pages. But, with time, you may face issues like Lexmark Printer Error code 108.xx. Call us on our helpline number for expert advice and solutions.

How To Fix Lexmark Printer Error code 108.xx

Five unbelievable ways to solve Lexmark printer error code 108.xx: Call us to avail the best solutions

Lexmark printer error code 108.xx means that the printer has some problems with one of the printheads inside it.  Sometimes, power fluctuation or a static discharge near the device might cause a false message with the error code 108.xx, but this error is a momentary one.

5 Smooth and successful techniques to follow to fix error code 108.xx easily –

  1. First of all, try to switch off the printer and wait for a few minutes. Then, switch it on again.
  2. Attach the power cord of the device into a wall outlet that is grounded. Sometimes, a surge protector or a UPS can raise false errors.
  3. Switch off the printer and detach the back cover. Take out the cable cord that is plugged into a receptacle, and then attach it once again. Move the metal clip and then turn on the printer. After calibration and setup processes, the error would be fixed.
  4. Try to replace the printhead and the controller board to resolve the error.
  5. If the error persists, send your printer for a repairing service or take an expert’s help.

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