How to Fix Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c?

Lexmark printers deliver some of the most realistic prints as compared to other printers. Its efficiency and compatible features make it more prominent among the users. But several hardware drawbacks and printing glitches are disturbing its performance nowadays. Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c is among one of those technical faults which are responsible for deteriorating its performance. In case, your printer gets this error, contact us immediately for resolving this error.

How to Fix Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c

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Whenever you are trying to copy or scan something using your Lexmark printers, you are getting this error code. This might irritate you. Sometimes error 50c is displayed on the LCD screen of your printer when you have inserted any new or used cartridge in your Lexmark printers. But this error might force you to cancel or even delete your print job and it will prevent you from printing any further.

There can be a bug in your Lexmark printer software which creates miscommunication between the printer and the computer. If you want to fix this error, you can take help of our experts. They will provide you with step-by-step tips to troubleshoot and fix error 1203 of your Lexmark printers.

Steps to resolve Lexmark printer cartridge error 50c:

⦁    Turn off the Lexmark printer and disconnect the power cord, USB cord, etc.

⦁    Wait for some time and then switch off the computer device

⦁    Open your printer, turn it back on.

⦁    Take out both the cartridges, clean them off and then reinstall them back to the printer

⦁    Close the printer. Connect it to the computer PC again and select the “Hit” option

⦁    Now it’s ready to print an auto page

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