How To Fix Konica Printer Error Code 16

We have researched the most common errors that our customers have reported to us. One of the common error you can find while using a Konica printer and that is known as Konica Printer Error Code 16. This error code indicates that there is something wrong with the paper transfer belt. This error can occur due to paper jamming, but sometimes faulty sensor can cause a false alarm.

How To Fix Konica Printer Error Code 16


In the field of computer solutions and photographic solutions, Konica is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures photographic films, camera, camera accessories, photocopiers, scanners, printers, fax machines and various other appliances which makes daily life easier. Konica printers can deliver the highest quality of colors in the prints. This is why the photo-processing industry chooses Konica printers over any other printer.

Try the steps suggested by our experts:

  • You can clear out the paper jam manually by removing the panel that encloses the waste toner container.
  • Remove the two screws that are gripping the transfer belt.
  • Carefully slide out the belt until you can see a green plastic handle.
  • Examine if the belt is worn out or torn from any part.
  • If it is okay, check if there is any piece of paper stuck inside the mechanism. Pull out the stuck paper by slowly dragging and moving it.
  • Now slide the belt carefully inside the printer with the green handle.
  • Tight the two screws removed earlier and shut the waste toner container panel.
  • Now restart the printer.

If these steps don’t clear the problems, you have to get a tech professional’s advice to solve the matter.

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