How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX?

Despite the awesome features of HP printers, users might get frequent error codes and messages. The appearance of such codes indicates that your printer is unable to perform desirably. The appearance of HP printer error code indicates that there is a firmware error.

Before these issues cause permanent damage to your printing device, it is essential for you to take expert guidance. According to our team, tolerating printer issues is not a wise decision as it can hamper your important work.

How To Fix HP LaserJet Printer Error Code 49.XX

Smart hacks to fix HP LaserJet printer error code:

Printer issues are history, Due to the diverse usage of a printer, its importance is widely recognized by public, private as well as educational sectors. With the technological advancements, the introduction of printers has revolutionized people’s lives. Completing a task is no more a challenge.


Easy steps to fix printer error codes and messages:

If you are thinking that purchasing a branded printer eliminates the risk of printer errors, you are absolutely wrong. Printer users have experienced frequent errors at least once in their lifetime.

According to our executives, users should perform the following steps to eliminate Error code

  • Press cancel job to clear out print jobs from printer’s memory
  • Turn off your printer and after some time turn it on
  • Print a job from other software application
  • Disconnect all the cables which are connected to the network or printer
  • Switch off the printer and remove all memory DIMMs
  • Remove all EIO devices from printer device and switch it on
  • Now, install DIMM as well as EIO and reconnect all the cables.

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