How To Fix Epson Printer Model 7900 Error Code 1439?

The error usually flashes with a big warning message which asks users to restart the printer. If it is the case where the code doesn’t clear, it alerts users for call service. According to professionals, this is basically a “pump cap assembly” technical problems where the print head will spark, and needs to be cleaned out properly. The other cause of this problem is when the print head has trouble getting adjusted itself on the assembly. Well, below we have steps to fix Epson Printer Error Code 1439 which will help users understand easily.
How To Fix Epson Printer Model 7900 Error Code 1439

Steps to troubleshoot Epson Printer Error Code 1439

Step 1: Replace the print-head

To get rid of this error code, the first thing is to replace the print head. Issues may arise if the print-head parts are not matched equally and even it is not on the same side of the printer. This step will help you remove the error code easily.

Step 2: Remove the Pump Cap Assembly

When you have started the Epson Printer Model 7900 is open, make sure to label each of the wires accurately to connect the assembly to the sub-assembly circuit board. It should be done before removing the Pump Cap Assembly. You will get approximately 18 of them, and if it is unexpectedly pulled out, it will be difficult to figure out the issue. So, first you should label the wires in the existing assembly and then, label the wires in the new assembly. Now, double-check whether you have them all.
Step 3: Replace the Pump Cap Assembly

The next thing is to replace the pump cap assembly which is also known as “Ink System” or a “Cleaning Unit”.  So, buying a new pump cap assembly is highly recommended. While pulling up the wires from the sub-assembly circuit board, you will notice that they won’t be coming out straight. So you have to do it very carefully.

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