How to Fix Dell Laser Printer Error Code 007-371?

Dell laser Printer Error Code 007-371 usually pops up while you are not using the required PHD (photoconductive unit) or not having any PHD and can lead your PC in drastic dilemma. So, advised you to Fix Dell Laser Printer Error Code 007-371 either by approaching out at the Dell Printer Technical support number +855-534-1508 or by knowing how to DIY as mentioned below:

How to Fix Dell Laser Printer Error Code 007-371

The Symptoms of Dell laser 007-371 Printer Command Error: unavailability of the required PHD (photoconductive unit), not having any kinds of PHD on your Dell printer, freezing or crashing the operating system of your PC, incorrectly misconfigured settings/irregular entries, running the same program mostly displaying the Dell 007-371 printer command error, inputting to BIOS devices is not up to mark, freezing the PC sporadically.

The Causes of Dell 007-371 Printer Command Error: the aforementioned error is commonly caused by PHD (photoconductive unit); printer is completely unclean, clumsy way to use tray, hardware configuration/updation/upgradation/pre-installation/post- installation/ un-installation issues, loading the paper pieces, responding time lagging, excessive use of the same program, file, or app, Unnecessary program updation, running the multiple apps, presence of fragmented files, RAM shortage, or hardware/software degradation.

Follow resolutions to Fix Dell laser Printer Error Code 007-371:

Here are a number of resolutions to Fix Dell Printer Error Code 007-371 mentioned underneath:

Resolution 1: Turn your Dell printer off and wait for 10 seconds

Sometimes, turning the Dell printer off may lead your computer system working well. Hence, try it once.

Resolution 2:  Turn your dell printer off check if the problem still persists

Checking the dell printer right after turning off may repair your Dell machine.

Resolution 3: If 007-371 still exists, then remove the PHD Unit & remove the packaging

Come up to remove the packaging /PHD unit so as to get the repaired Dell printer on your computer system

Resolution 4: In order to remove the PHD Unit, follow the steps given below:

  • Come up to remove the “Paper Tray” of your Dell printer and then open the “front cover” of its.
  • In order to protect the transfer belt from light damage and scratches, then keep a piece of paper on it, still don’t need to cover the right & left of the belt guards with paper.
  • In order to release the locks, rotate the PHD’s 4 stoppers counter clockwise ninety degrees.
  • Furthermore, come up to pull the PHD unit toward you by simply pulling the left & right handles to remove it.
  • However, lift the PHD unit up from the Dell printer and be aware with the transfer belt to avoid the real-time scratching.
  • By pulling the straight out, remove the “packing tape”.
  • Moreover, reinsert the PHD & then come up to close the front-cover.
Resolution 5: Once you re-seated the PHD Unit and aforementioned error still recurs, please make try another PHD from the working 2130CN Laser Printer if you can make avail.

Try once to re-seat your PHD unit to get the working Dell printer. So, give it a big shot.

Resolution 6:  If you don’t have any PHD unit then approach the third-party Dell customer care service provider

If you don’t have any kinds of PHD unit then approach the third-party Dell Printer Customer Service provider who has a pre-hired team of experts working 24/7/365 days —in every nook and corner across the country and around the earth. By which one can welcome or obtain a full set of Dell customer services right away.

Dial the Dell Customer support Number to Get the Prompt Resolutions

Once you ever get any Dell related hurdles, bugs, hiccups, errors, or queries then you are suggested to put your fingers down on your phone keypad keys and then dial the Dell Printer Customer Care Service Number +855-534-1508 to get quickly connected with techies. Then, techies will let you know the most fitted Dell customer care service right away.