How to Fix Canon Printer error code 6000

Canon printers are one of the best when it comes to quality and reliability. Canon manufactures many models of inkjet printers, multi function printers, all-in-one printers, colour laser printers. However popular it might be, it may develop some technical problems suddenly. There are different types of problems which interrupts printing. One such is Canon Printer error code 6000. In case, you encounter this error, don’t hesitate to call us and take our support.

Canon Printer error code 6000

Error 6000 is a very common error which is found among Canon printers. While printing, it may arise at any moment. When this message appears on your LCD, it comes along with a message which indicates to turn off your printer suddenly. As soon as you power off the printer, you will find that the light green-orange flashes with an interval in between. It is originally a paper jam issue.

Possible causes of the issue:

This issue might arise due to paper feed error which causes a jam in the paper tray. But it’s not always necessary that this reason is only responsible. Sometimes, your printer tries to print without ink or any torn piece of paper gets stuck inside the printer, in these situations also, this error message is displayed. It is a very common error with the Canon PIXMA 630 model. Another cause for this error code might be a bad connection in the computer.

Tips to fix this error code on your Canon printer:

⦁    Turn off your Canon printer for some time, wait for at least 10 minutes and then restart your printer by turning it on

⦁    Check whether the paper tray is set correctly or not. If any foreign substance is obstructing the path of printing, you should remove that object

⦁    Verify whether any tiny object or simply a torn piece of paper is present in your Canon printer. If so, remove it gently to experience smooth printing

⦁    Try to clean other components of your printer machine which includes the print head or the encoder strip.

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