How To Fix Canon Printer Error 6a81?

“Error 6a81” is usually occurs because of the purge unit printers that lie the cartridge to clean the heads. It is necessary to Fix Canon Printer Error 6a81 as soon as possible otherwise your printing copy will not print clearly. So, call at Canon Printer Customer Support Number to make connection with experts.

How To Fix Canon Printer Error 6a81

Effective Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error 6a81:

Solution 1: This is a purge unit error.

  • There may be something jamming the purge unit or just an absorber which is picking up on the carriage preventing it from moving correctly
  • Try to move the carriage away from the purge only then you can shine a torch into the machine and look at the purge unit
  • There may be crumpled paper jammed in the purge
  • If all looks well, the purge unit may be defective and had to be replaced

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Solution 2:

  • The wiper on the purge may have stuck.
  • Push it with a long screwdriver to see if it moves

Solution 3:

  • Something is blocking the printer inside which could be a paper jam or a foreign object
  • Check with using a flashlight to ensure that there is nothing obstructing the paper feed mechanism down inside the printer
  • If there is nothing obvious, unplug the printer power supply

Solution 4:

  • Take a dry cloth and clean the rubber rollers in the automatic sheet feeder.

Solution 5:

  • Hold the printer in both hands and turn it upside down. After that shake it for a few seconds to see if anything falls out of the paper feed area
  • Plug the printer back-up to take your paper out and replace it with a fresh, small stack of paper

Dial Canon Printer Customer Service Number For Taking Aids:

If you are unable to understand the above information, then you are recommended to get associated with tech-specialists for taking handy remedy within a couple of seconds. But for that, firstly you have to put a call at Canon Printer Customer Service Number +855-534-1508 which is our 24/7 accessible toll-free number. For sure, your call will never be missed by us as our technicians are active all the time.