How to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to WiFi? (Easy Methods)

Canon PIXMA MX490 wireless printer is an all-in-one device that helps you to print, scan, and copy documents. This Canon printer is equipped with a fully integrated automatic file feeder that supports up to 20 sheets at a time. MX490 Canon printer is compatible with both Mac and Windows OS. 

With the Google Cloud Print and AirPrint technology, you can easily print from your Android device or Tablet. However, for that, at first, you must know how to Connect Canon MX490 Printer to WiFi. 

Don’t know the setup process? Go through the steps that we are about to discuss and resolve all your queries.

Canon MX490 Setup: Steps to Perform

Here, we are going to discuss the easy and effective methods that you can try to complete the setup procedure on your own.

Method 1: Standard method

Before proceeding to the connection procedure, ensure that the wireless router is set up properly and there is no network issue. Besides that, make sure that your computer and the printer are connected to the same network.

Step 1

First, ensure that the PIXMA MX 490 printer is On. (If you see the green LED lights, it means that the printer is turned on). However, after turning On the printer, if the screen becomes black, then you need to press the Copy button. Tap on the Setup button.

Step 2

Go to the touch panel. Here, you will see the wireless LAN setup option. Hit the OK button. Then, the device will search for various connecting modes. When you see the ‘Wireless LAN setup > Standard Setup’ option on the display, you should press the Stop button. On the next page, scroll down and choose the “Cableless Setup” option and tap on the OK button.

Step 3

Next, you have to insert the CD that came with the Canon printer into the CD drive. Once the CD gets ready. Tap on the Run button. Next, follow the on-screen prompts and complete the setup procedure. 

You can also visit the official website of the Canon printer. After that,  you should choose your language, country. Enter the printer model number in the search field. Afterwards, you need to choose the Operating System and tap on the Download option. 

Wait for a while as the downloading procedure might take some time to complete. When finished, select a folder where you wish to save the downloaded file. 

Step 4

Now, you have to run the downloaded files and after that tap on the Next option. Then, run the setup file. When finished, a new window will appear on the screen. Here, you need to choose the Canon printer connection method.

Tap on the wireless connection printer method. Then, the printer software will search for the available network. Once the network has been restored, the installation process will start. 

Next, the terms and agreement page will appear on the screen. Thoroughly, read them and thereafter tap on the Agree option. Next, tap on the Complete tab option.

Step 5

Once the installation procedure is completed. The next step is printer alignment. Now, load some paper within the paper tray and hit the Print option in order to print a document.

After that, you will see the ‘Installation completed successfully’ message on the display. This indicates that the Canon printer is ready to scan or print a document.

Method 2: WPS Method

You can complete the setup procedure through the WPS method. The WPS method can be implemented in two ways. They are:

Push Button Method

In order to apply this method, at first, you should press and hold down the WPS button of the wireless router for at least 2 minutes. You will see the WPS button at the backside of the wireless router. However, it totally depends on the router model.

Next, press and hold the OK button of the Canon PIXMA MX 490 printer. After that, your printer will be automatically connected to the router. When you see the Connected message on the display, tap on the OK button.

Furthermore, tap on the Copy button. The setup procedure is now completed. 

PIN Code Method

To apply this method, first, select the other setup option and hit the OK option. On the next screen, select the WPS PIN code and hit the OK option.

You have to set the PIN code to the wireless router. Then, the printer will be automatically connected to the router. When you see the Connected message on the screen, hit the OK button.

Next, tap on the Copy button. Now, the WPS PIN setup method is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to fix MX490 Offline Error?

First, ensure that the Pixma MX 490 printer is powered on. Besides that, you have to ensure that the Canon printer is connected to the computer through a USB connection or wireless network.

If you are using a wireless connection, ensure that the Canon printer is connected to the router. Proceed to the printer Control Panel and choose the “Devices and Printers” option. Right-click on the MX490 printer icon and choose “Set as a default printer” option.  

Furthermore,  cancel all the pending printing jobs. You can also re-install the latest version of the printer driver. When finished, reboot your computer and printer.

  • What to do if the Canon Printer is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi?

In the beginning, you should check the Canon printer for the Wi-Fi network and make sure that it is turned On. Therefore, check the Wi-Fi settings of your computer/laptop. Make sure that the Wi-Fi connection should not be restricted. Apart from this, make sure that the printer is added to the computer as well as it is set as a default printer.