How to Canon printer Error Message 6000 or P03

Canon printers come with unbeatable features which makes it compatible for both personal and professional users. It is widely used by the people all around the world. But some technical glitches in it might create disturbance in your smooth printing. Canon printer Error Message 6000 or P03 is one such disturbance which you might suddenly experience while working on your Canon printer. You can easily solve this by getting in contact with us and sharing your queries.

Canon printer Error Message 6000 or P03

Canon printer Error Message 6000 or P03 is basically a paper jam issue. When the user tries to print something, this error might appear. As soon as this error displays, it will turn off the power of the printer and the alarm light which is green-orange in color will flash with the pause. A good number of Canon printer models like MG6350, MMG3100, MP150, MP160 and many more come across such issue.

Every time it’s not necessary that the torn pieces of paper are responsible for this error to obtain. Some other possible causes of this error can be the paper feed which has caused a jam in the paper tray or preventing the pages from properly passing on the tracks.

To troubleshoot and fix this error, you can follow some of these simple steps

Steps to fix Canon printer Error Message 6000 or P03:

⦁    Check whether the paper tray is set correctly or not. If there is an object which is obstructing the path of printing, remove it then and there

⦁    Look out for any small piece of paper present in the Canon printer. If you find any, remove it

⦁    Turn off the Canon printer machine. Wait for at least 5 minutes and then power on the device

⦁    Clean other components of the printer like the print head or the encoder strip with a soft cloth

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