How to Bring Lexmark Printer Offline to Online?

When you think about great quality print outs, you choose your favorite printer. But what will you do, if it shows sudden offline error? If you ever confront such sorts of  situations, place a quick call at Lexmark Customer Support Number +855-534-1508. To bring Lexmark Printer Offline to Online, first identify its cause.

How to Bring Lexmark Printer Offline to Online

Lexmark Printer Offline Error shows a communication fault with the printer and the system. When you printer fails to communicate with the system properly, this error code appears. Whenever you encounter this pesky offline error, there is nothing to worry about. You are not alone. There are number of people that experience the same error. A slight fault in USB cables or wired or wireless connectivity can make this offline error pops in the display.

Efficacious Solutions to Bring Lexmark Printer Offline to Online:

Making an offline Lexmark Printer online is not at all knotty as you may think. You only need to fix the communication problem that appears between system and printer. Go through a number of other printer related things like paper jam and other settings to make this error disappear. Read this blog out or connect with Lexmark Printer Support to repair Lexmark Printer offline error.

Solution 1: Change Printer Settings

Try to change the settings of printer from offline to online.

  • First of all, you need to navigate to Settings followed by clicking on Printers.
  • Next Choose “Use Printer Online” after right clicking on it.

Solution 2: Clean Print Jobs

  • Navigate to Printer Menu by double clicking on the printer.
  • Next you need to choose “Cancel All Documents” to clear the print queue.
  • Make sure there is no struck print job in the queue that is causing the offline error.
  • Set the printer back to Online once again and print a test page to ensure.

Solution 3: Restart your printer

  • Turn the printer off and thus turn it on.
  • Make sure that the printer is not jammed.
  • Also go through all the network connection to be sure that none are loose.

Solution 4: Reinstall the Printer Driver

  • Open Settings and thus click on Printers.
  • Choose the printer that you are using.
  • Choose Properties after right clicking on the printer.
  • Look for driver button under General or Details Tab.
  • Choose it and select the driver again.
  • Now finally download the driver from the manufacturer’s website.

Solution 5: Reinstall the Printer

  • Open Settings menu and look for Printers.
  • Now go back and choose the printer to delete it.
  • Finally reinstall it using “Add Printer” Wizard.
  • Now download latest printer driver from the manufacturer’s site.

Place a Call at Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number for Instant Results:

In case, you are not being to make your Lexmark Printer back to online, we are ready to help you. With step by step approach, you can easily bring your Lexmark printer offline to online. The team comprises professionals ready to assist you 24*7. Hence dial Lexmark Printer Customer Service Number to free you such Lexmark printer related issues.