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How To Add A Printer To A MacBook Air by Epson Printer Support

Before one decides to start using  a printer on a MacBook Air device, he/she must add in their mind few important tips The process of adding a printer automatically needs to add a required driver to the MacBook Air  which will allow a user’s computer to have an easy communication with the printer. As guided by a team of Epson printer support professionals, users can also add the printer to their computer device directly from the Print as well as from the Fax section of the System Preferences. But fortunately our professional’s experts have found a solution to this issue on how to add a printer to a MacBook AIR device.

Steps To Add Printer To A MacBook Air

Get Easy Steps To Add Printer To A MacBook Air

Step1: Insertion step

  • Insertion of the flat end of the USB cable directly into an available USB port on the MacBook Air computer is advised to performed by a professional Epson printer technical support
  • Connect the square end of your USB cable into a USB port on the printer.

Step2: Apple icon

  • Click on the ‘Apple’ icon from the main toolbar section which is located on the MacBook Air.

Step3: System Preferences

  • Click on the “System Preferences” option to proceed further.

Step4: Print and Fax section

  • Users are suggested to click on the “Print and Fax” option carefully.

Step5: “+” icon

  • Click on the “+” icon which is located just under the “Printers” box area.

Step6: Add button

  • Next, simply click on the printer which is attached to the “MacBook Air” and then tap on the “Add” icon to easily append the printer right to the computer device.


Steps to add a printer to a MacBook Pro by Epson Helpline

This method is explained via a USB Cable

Step1:  Turn on the printer

  • First turn on the printer by pressing the Power button. If the printer does not turn on even after you have pressed the Power button then ensure that it is well connected to a power source by plugging its power cable.

Step 2: Preparing an USB cable

  • Prepare your USB cable to allow an easy connection between the printer and the Macbook and make sure that you have a square-type connector.

Step 3: Connecting the USB cable

  • Connection of the USB cable to the Macbook is to be made first and then look up for a square hole which will be located at the side of the Macbook Pro.
  • Insertion is to be made for the USB cable of the printer to this hole.
  • Connect its other end to the printer. Once you have established a secure connection, the printer should then appear on the screen menu.

  Step 4: Check for the readiness of the printer

  • Check if your printer is ready or not?

  Step 5: Adding of the printer

  • Add the printer carefully at last .

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