How To Fix Zebra Printer Ribbon Out Error

We provide some easy solutions, with which you will come to know How to fix Zebra printer ribbon out error. Zebra printer ribbon out error has several reasons, like when no label stock is available into the printer, if the stock sensor does not combine the label stock, if the label length is very short, when the printer is set with continuous stock instead of gap stock and for not having the proper sensitivity settings, the stock sensor doesn’t work properly.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Fix zebra printer ribbon out error:

  • No label stock: If there is no label stock in the printer, you should install label stock. The sensor indicates whether the labels are being used or not.
  • Label stock is not loaded properly: You must load the label stock properly. You should check whether the label stock is covering the eye of the sensor or not.
  • If you don’t use ribbon, then check if the Direct Thermal configures both the printer and driver.
  • Restarting the printer can also resolve this issue. After startup, the printer will work properly and will supply a normal sensor profile.
  • Sometimes you can face this problem after upgrading to the new version of firmware. So, if you don’t have any problem with the older version, then don’t upgrade your firmware.
  • If the ribbon sensor cannot detect the loaded ribbon in the thermal transfer mode, then you should load the ribbon properly.
  • On the other hand, sometimes the printer is unable to find the ribbon, even when the ribbon is loaded properly. What you need to do is: First of all, print a sensor profile. You will find a black area which indicates the place of detected ribbon.
  • If the ribbon is broken, then at first, check whether the ribbon is loaded properly or not. After decreasing the darkness setting of the LCD display please check whether the combination of the media and ribbon is suitable or not, so that you have no need to set the burn temperature so high.

Simple Methods To Resolve Zebra Printer Ribbon Out Error

How To Fix Zebra Printer Ribbon Out Error

You need a driver to avoid or reduce the ribbon errors loading properly and configuration of the printer. The sensor warns the ribbon if the ribbon is recognized on the LCD display. This error may happen for some reason like:

> Not detecting a ribbon out condition.

> When ribbon wrinkle-causing random diagonal lines in print.

> When the ribbon is stalling.

> If the ribbon is breaking.

> The ribbon sensor cannot recognize the loaded ribbon in the thermal transfer mode.

> The ribbon sensor is blocked by the media in the thermal transfer mode.

The reasons vary depending on the version and model number of your printer. Thus, it is better to have a word with our Zebra Printer Customer Support and let us detect the exact reason for this error. Knowing the cause solves almost 30% of the problem. We will run a series of tools and tests and finally provide the most appropriate solution to your problem.

Fix zebra Printer 110xi4 Ribbon Out Error By Zebra customer care number – +855-534-1508

Usually, these reasons cause Zebra printer ribbon out error issue. You can apply the above-mentioned steps to solve this error easily. Still, if you are unable to sort it out, then call us at our Zebra printer customer care number – +855-534-1508, Our experts are always ready to provide you with the best solutions. You can also chat with our Zebra Live Chat Executives. We’ll respond immediately.