How to Fix Lexmark Printer Errors in Windows?

Printer’s performance does not depend on the printer only. The Windows system which it is connected with plays the equal role. To Fix Lexmark Printer Errors in Windows, you first need to make the Operating System right. Lexmark Printer Support Number +855-534-1508 proffers world class help in such occasions.

How to Fix Lexmark Printer Errors in Windows

Printer has its own compatibility with the system. Any changes hamper the harmony. That is why when you upgrade the Windows version; the bridge breaks between the system and the printer. Almost every user complains about the problem after upgrading the operating system. You may think that the problem is within the printer itself. And think about changing it. But this is not the case. You can use your older printer in whatever Windows version you want.

Effortless Solutions to Troubleshoot Lexmark Printer Errors in Windows:

In spite of rushing towards a conclusion, you need to think about it twice. There are abundance numbers of ways to use your printer even in the newest Windows version. A simple change in the settings and here your printer is ready for use. Lexmark Printer Repair Services will help you to understand the process in much better way.

  • First thing that you need to do is to disconnect your printer from your pc.
  • Now open the charm bar by hover the mouse on the lower right hand side corner.
  • Look for Device Manager in Search Box.
  • Type Device Manager there and look for Device Manager in the Search results.
  • Click on it to open the Device Manager Window followed by clicking on Devices + Printers.
  • Now remove the Lexmark Printer by click on the Remove option.
  • Open Control Panel and thus choose Administrative Tools.
  • Click on Services and look for Printer Spooler Service in there.
  • Made the Spooler Service stop after double clicking on it.
  • Next you need to erase out all Lexmark Printer software.
  • Restart your system and thus perform the above mentioned steps all over again.
  • Stop the Printer Spooler Service one more time followed by clicking on the Setup File.
  • Click on Properties and thus open the Compatibility box.
  • Mark it and thus choose the Windows version which your printer worked fine with.
  • Finally click on Ok to run the installation.
  • Follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation process.

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How to Fix Lexmark Printer Errors in Windows

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