How to Fix Konica Minolta Printer Fuser Error?

Fuser of a Printer helps you to seal the ink to the paper. You need to Fix Konica Minolta Printer Fuser Error, else the print outs will come really bad and rubbed.If you are also confronting the same error while printing, Konica Printer Support Number is the best way deal with it.

How to Fix Konica Minolta Printer Fuser Error

Fuser Temp plays a great part in giving your prints a magnificent look. If it is does not work properly, it can cause permanent damage to your system. It may later turn out to be fire hazard. When the fuser does not heat up properly, the toner may fall off your paper. If the fuser temperature is not set properly, it will cause wasted ink and wasted paper.

Efficacious Step by Step Solution to Troubleshoot Konica Minolta Printer Fuser Error:

It is always possible to change the settings of the Konica Printer Fuser Temperature to get the perfect results. Whenever you adjust the fuser temperature, they get seal perfectly every time. Either you deal with the Konica printer fuser temp error with the help of the blog or contact Konica Printer Repair Services.

  • Whenever this error appears, the first thing you need to do is to click on the Menu button.
  • Look for Print Quality menu by keeping on pressing the menu.
  • Now keep on pressing the Item button till you do not see the Fuser Mode.
  • Next you need to change the Fuser Mode by pressing the Value button.
  • Choose different fuser modes from normal, low and high.
  • Normal is the default setting. In most Konica printers fuser temp is set to normal. It provides enough heat to get perfect printing.
  • For heavier papers, you need to set it to high.
  • If the paper is singeing or discolored, set the temperature to low.
  • Next hit on the Select button to confirm the changes.
  • Pass a print job and thus rub the page properly.
  • Change the Toner mode if the print gets rubbed away.
  • Change the temperature and thus experiment it with several prints.

Get Professional Assistance with the Help of Our 24*7 Support Services:

In case you are unable to make this Konica Fuser Temperature Error disappear, we are here to help you out. Konica Printer Support Phone Number is the best platform to deal with complex to complex Konica issues with ease. No matter at what time you call us, we are available whole day and night. Hence dial the toll free number to free yourself from all troubleshooting stress.