How To Fix Kodak printer error code 380

The introduction of printers is one of the best inventions that have revolutionized people’s lives. Due to its wide usage, it is preferred by public, private as well as educational sectors. Kodak printer is renowned for its awesome performance. Eastman Kodak, commonly known as Kodak is an American technology company which deals with imaging products.Kodak never fails to surprise the users with the production of high-quality digital imaging, photographic materials, equipments, etc.

Printer users have experienced error codes and messages at least once in their printing session. Error codes and messages can frustrate users to a great extent.An expert’s help is mandatory to eliminate error codes and messages.Kodak printer error code 380 indicates open side cover error. Unable to fix this issue? Do not panic. Contact our executives today.

Fix Kodak printer error code 380

Effective Solution to Fix Kodak printer error code 380:

Error 380 appearing in Kodak printer is a common occurrence. Therefore, users need expert guidance to resolve this issue.

  • Remove a document from document glass
  • Hold the handle to open scanner unit
  • Pull the front cover open lever to open the front cover forward
  • Remove the jammed paper gently in the outward direction in case the edge of the jammed paper is visible
  • Hold the handle to close the scanner unit

The procedures mentioned above are sufficient to solve your problem. If you are still unable to perform the steps, contact our experts immediately. Our team of professionals is ready to help you out in the best possible way.

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