How To Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 3502

Kodak, formerly known as the Eastman Kodak Company, was founded as early as 1888. Over the years, it has become a very profitable global company which engages in graphic arts, photography and imaging technology. Kodak produces digital imaging devices and photographic machines. Kodak manufactures high-speed inkjet photo printers built chiefly for commercial purposes and high volumes. These printers can be both monochromatic as well as colored electrophotographic printers. Kodak produces printers that can perform flexography printing, functional printing and digital printing. With prolonged usage, you may encounter issues like Kodak printer error code 3502. Give us a call at our helpline numbers to get our advice and suggestions to fix all the problemsFix Kodak Printer Error Code 3502

Effective Solution to Fix Kodak Printer Error Code 3502:

The Kodak printer error code 3502 indicates that the main tray and the paper tray are both empty. It also means that the printer has run out of papers and you have to insert more papers.

Try the steps mentioned below to resolve the issue at home:

  • Ensure that the Main Tray is selected in the print settings.
  • Then, remove the paper from the main tray of the device. Next, stack the paper afresh and insert it into the tray again.
  • Then, try  to  move the paper in the tray in the forward direction until it stops. Also, try moving the paper – edge guides until they touch the actual paper.
  • If the error still continues, switch off the device. Then check if the paper fulfills the printer’s parameters, whether all the papers are clean with even edges and the paper path is not blocked by something.
  • After that, turn on the printer and the error should be resolved.

The Kodak printer error code 3502 means that the printer access is currently open, thus causing the error. You need to shut the printer access door and if the error persists even after that, you need to power cycle the device. Switch off the machine, unplug it from the power connection and wait for a few minutes. Then, plug in the device again and then switch it on. The issue should get fixed by then.

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