How to Fix Error Code 5800 in Canon Printer?

Have problems with your Canon Printer, getting Error Code 5800! If yes, then don’t worry about it. In this blog, we are discussing this error and how to Fix Error Code 5800 in Canon Printer, with the simple steps. Eliminate Error Code 5800 is not such a difficult task for you if you follow the simple troubleshooting steps that suggested by Canon Printer professionals.

How to Fix Error Code 5800 in Canon Printer

The error code 5800 means the waste ink counter reset (yellow and orange light, flashing alternately several times). Canon printers frequently need re-setter to restore the setting to the initial. Canon printer must be reset after doing a lot of printer activity. If the Canon Printer’s want to be reset, usually characterized by blinking orange and green alternately, and on the monitor will appear error code 5800. Then you have to need to follow the solution’s that advised by the printer tech support professionals to fix it quickly.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5800

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Follow the given below steps or solutions to solve this error.

Solution 1:- Replace the Waste Ink Absorber

To fix this issue permanently, you should try to replace the waste ink absorber, by the following way.

Step 1:- Press the “Power” Button

Power OFF the Canon Printer, but connected to a power source. Then press the “Power” button while pressing and holding the “Stop/ Reset” button.

Step 2:- Press the “Stop/Reset” Button

  • When the Power is lit, press the “Stop/Reset” button two times
  • While pressing and holding the “Power” button.

Step 3:- Move Into a Service Mode

When releasing the “Power” button and the “Stop/Reset” Button (regardless of order), the printer will move into a service mode. (Waiting for menu selection).

Step 4:- Press “Stop/Reset” Button

When the on/off lights in green, press the “Stop/Reset” button the specified number of time(s) according to the function listed in the table below.

(Each time the “Stop/Reset” button is pressed, the LED lights alternately in orange and green, starting with orange.)

Note: Make sure there is need to press 4 times for waste ink counter reset.

The number of the Reset button pressing LED Function Remarks

  • 0 time Green Power off
  • 1 time Orange Service pattern print
  • 2 times Green EEPROM print
  • 3 times Orange EEPROM reset
  • 4 times Green Waste ink counter reset

Step 5:- Turn On Canon Printer

Turn off the printer and then turn it on again.

Now check the Canon Printer Error Code 5800 is resolved. If not, then go to next solution.

Solution 2:- Enter Canon Printer In Service Mode

The solution is that to try to run the Canon printers into service mode, which will help to fix this issue. Ensure that your canon printer think the ink absorber pad is empty instead of full. If you can open your printer up so please clean this ink deposit, you can do by help of a napkin and clear the deposit a bit. Follow these steps.

  • First of all, turn your canon multifunction printer on.
  • Then, press the menu button on the printer.
  • Now, put your canon printer in to the service mode by pressing the “SCAN”, “COPY” and “SCAN” buttons in that exact order. Please take into account the service mode menu is entirely in English, just as a computer’s BIOS.
  • You can now press the “+ key” until you’ve reached the “COUNTER ACCESS” option. Press the OK button once you are there.
  • A page counter will now appear on your printer’s screen. The number on it indicates the number of pages you are printed in total.
  • Press the “OK” key.
  • Now, you will need to press the “COPY” button.
  • Use the “-key” to lower this score all the way to zero (0). Now, press “OK” button.
  • Continue to use the + symbol to look at the menu and stop once you get to SCAN PAGE COUNT. Set this counter back to zero (0) in order to wipe the score on the page counter on our canon printer, found only when it’s in service mode.
  • Browse the entire menu slowly until you reach the “ABS-M DONT COUNT” option. Set this score back to zero (0) and click “OK” button.
  • Press the stop/reset button after everything else has been down.
  • Turn your printer off and back again using the on/off button on it.
  • If the INVALID KEY message appears on your computer screen at the end of this procedure, then you should disconnect the power cable from the printer and connect it once more.

Now you should try to print again through your Canon Printer.

I hope your problem is solved, after performing all the above steps.

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How to Fix Error Code 5800 in Canon Printer

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