How to Fix Epson Printer not Feeding Paper Straight?

Feeding Error in Epson Printer not only hampers your work but also eats up lots of your time. Get sound solutions at Epson Printer Customer Support Number +855-534-1508 as early possible. You need to fix Epson Printer not Feeding Paper Straight to resume your printing process.

Epson Printers are one of the most compactable and needy printing devices. In all personal and professional work, printers are as much needed. But nowadays, printers are not about printing anymore. You may face several printing setbacks in the middle of your work. We are so much reliable on hardware devices that any technical setback can cause a lot of time loss. One of such Epson Printer error is Feeding Paper Straight error. There are times when your printer starts feeding paper unevenly. Yielding print outs and paper jam several errors seems to restricts its performance.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot “Epson Printer not Feeding Paper Straight”:

There are many ways through which this error can be resolves. Here you can have the most suitable solutions to guide you in the exact direction. Visit Epson Printer Customer Care Services to deal with this error in better way possible.

Solution 1: Specification of Paper

One of the prime causes of this error is “use of unspecified papers”. When you buy a Epson Printer, you need to check the section where its paper specification is written. Here you can have range of thickness, types of sheets and other paper related instructions. If you use a thin bargain sheet, you device may not recognize the paper at all. On the other hand, using a cover-weight stock may exceed the limit of the feeding tolerance of the machine. Such paper can get struck or crooked inside the printer. It may cause severe hardware damage too. So maintain the paper specification to avoid such errors.

Solution 2: Paper Load

Even if you follow the paper instructions, you may get feeding error. This is probably due to loading bulks of paper into the paper tray. If you stuff too many papers on the tray, it will exceed the tolerance capability of the printer. In such case, the printer will not be able to move paper out of the tray. So try to load moderate and as per instruction to skip such types of issues further.

Solution 3: Unclean Tray Rollers

If the tray rollers are not cleaned properly, you may get feeding error in your Epson Printer. Clean the dusts and other contamination to maintain good-quality supplies. Clean the paper feeding rollers using cleaned cotton cloth. Do not use alcoholic products and cleaning solutions to clean rubberized rollers.

Solution 4: Worn Mechanism

Print a test page and check the number of pages that you have printed since its installation. It will help you to understand the error in better way.

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How to Fix Epson Printer not Feeding Paper Straight

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